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  1. LordReaper

    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    Been waiting patiently for this mod along with everyone else. I think it is a great idea to release an early version of the mod. Not only do the more impatient people get what they want, but as a community we have a chance to help report any bugs/issues the mod may have. It all looks so great so...
  2. LordReaper

    tModLoader Expeditions Mod - Modular Quest System

    @RexodinoLP The 8th quest is the "Mecha Revenge". I too had this concern when completing it, not getting any quest afterwards. But if you continue progressing and defeat the 3 mecha bosses, and move on to Plantera, the next quest should show up. I am sorry I do not remember if you had to...
  3. LordReaper

    tModLoader Expeditions Mod - Modular Quest System

    Hello there, been using your mod recently and I've been reading a few of the comments that others have left for you. Now I know that making everyone happy is impossible because everyone has their own unique, individual play-style. I myself enjoy a nice challenge but every now and then like to...
  4. LordReaper

    Tool TerraCustom for 1.3

    Hello, I am trying to use this mod but keep getting stuck on the world generation at where it says "generating hardmode ores". I've tried making a world with a few settings changed and none changed at all, and it still fails. If someone could give me some advice, I would be greatly appreciated.
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