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  1. RR

    PC Is there any mod that makes pvp better?

    I was looking for something like summons attacking enemy players and homing attacks homing in on enemy players
  2. RR

    PC Make it so you can toggle fullscreen with F11

    Seriously it's annoyng to have to open the menu everytime I want to check my Discord PMs, not to mention when I die and I'm stuck on Terraria.
  3. RR

    WIP (WERY WIP AND INCOMPLETE PLEASE AVOID ANSWERS) Error-ful suggestion about an event type: Catastrophe

    I always thought about that. There are astronomic-based events. There are invasion events. So, why can't your world be scrumbled (does this onomatopheichal word exist? Can some anglophone confirm it?) by an earthquake or flooded by a tsunami? In this post and afterwards, this color (3x10 if...
  4. RR

    Ankh Shield pieces drops every 100 kills

    We all know how farming for the Ankh Shield is annoying. making an example, on my world I killed around 1800 hornets and 2000 moss hornets to get a bezoar. So I thought: Why don't make it a banner-like thing? Like, after 100, 150, 200 or 123 kills you get an Ankh Piece. This will allow you to...
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