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  1. OddGirl

    Console Console water physics different from pc

    I play pc solo but with the 1.3 update to console I've been playing that more since I can play with my family. I was rebuilding a farm from pc in my console world and noticed that the water duplication glitches we use on pc ( pouring over staggered blocks, through a long zigzag path) end up with...
  2. OddGirl

    Xbox One Hearts unable to be picked up

    Im playing on a world with 2-4 players, I am a guest but all in house, not online. We've been playing pumpkin moon & frost moon in our arena but, seemingly randomly, hearts become unable to be picked up. Weird part, and why I mentioned the world info, my player has not had trouble but I've...
  3. OddGirl

    Frost Moon - taking on the Ice Queen

    Hey everyone! I wanted to hear your thought/ideas on what you could add to your arena to specifically help take out the Ice Queen? Unlike the Pumpkings she moves around so much I'm not sure what to add. My current arena gets me to wave 15 but not passed it. (Current arena is on console but I...
  4. OddGirl

    Xbox One Herb Seeds not auto swing?

    Im not sure if its a glitch or intended but when planting seeds Shiverthorn seeds have autoswing and the rest do not. I assume it'll be more like pc after the update but just in case. Small but annoying :)
  5. OddGirl

    PC [Question] Day/Night sensor to set off timer?

    I didn't want to make my title too wordy sorry, if it was misleading... I wanted to know if there was a way to use a day/night to sensor to set off a timer that when the sensor turns off (switching day to night) the timer continues to run? I don't have any indepth knowledge with the logic gates...
  6. OddGirl

    TEdit Question...

    With all the new updates I wanted to move my chest/item room to a new world using TEdit. I copied that portion of the map from the original world and pasted it into the new one via the clipboard but all of the item frames/weapon racks are now empty (just on the new world, it didn't effect the...
  7. OddGirl

    Question: Actuator & Timer

    I have an easy one for you smart people :) I am making a farm and I am looking to use a 3 sec and 5 sec timer to actuate blocks, the part I am having trouble with is I'd like to turn on the switch to trigger the actuators, have them left open for their 3 or 5 seconds then close... only once...
  8. OddGirl

    PC System.OutOfMemoryException

    I've seen this error in a couple threads but I thought I'd post my info here in case someone has a suggestion specific to my system... Here's the error I get most often but it also crashes on start up. I usually get this error when loading a world. Here's my system specs: Windows 10 64bit...
  9. OddGirl

    Banner Collecting, need help

    Hey everyone, this is a big ask but its driving me nuts and I need a new set of eyes to tell me what I'm missing. Below is a pic of my banner collection. The wiki says there are 242 enemy banners so I had set this up with 242 blocks to place them on. I'm in the home stretch and know I'm missing...
  10. OddGirl

    PC Angler Rewards?

    Hey everyone! I know some mentioned that furniture/vanity rewards from the Angler became rarer with 1.3 but I wondered if you guys have gotten any of them or coralstone? I have over 250 quests done and got 1 puggly pixel and never received coralstone. I'm completeing quests now just for those...
  11. OddGirl

    Halloween/Christmas builds

    This will be my first PC play through during the upcoming holiday events (played console this time last year) and I'd really love to see your Halloween or Christmas creations! Please post or link below :)
  12. OddGirl

    PC Dungeon Fishing biome?

    Watching a YouTube video today I found out that you can get dungeon crates from fishing in the dungeon. Awesome! I made a pond in the dungeon to fish in but endgame expert does not make for a peaceful time. Is it possible to make an artificial dungeon biome to fish in? Like what we can...
  13. OddGirl

    Marble Bust

    This is a pretty straight forward suggestion but with the new Marble biome looking all greek I'd LOVE if we could make busts from the marble to put all the masks and such on rather than the mannequin with no clothes :) It'd also look pretty stylish on its own IMO. THANKS!
  14. OddGirl

    [Question] Arena mechanics, solo vs multiplayer

    I have a question that seemed better suited here instead of the regular forum… I rebuilt my moon event arena with some ideas pulled together from a few videos here and elsewhere. Its done very well for me solo as a summoner (73216pts pumpkin moon & 5660pts frost moon, I'd never gotten to wave 20...
  15. OddGirl

    Cyborg's house?

    Looking through the threads I haven't seen much in the way of houses themed for the cyborg. He's up next on my build list and I'm looking for some ideas & inspiration, share yours!
  16. OddGirl

    PC Wiring problems?

    Anyone else experience wiring malfunctions today? I have Terraria via Steam. So today I was working on my second arena, the first is a moon arena based on one of Diceman's. The second is the good ol long platforms with statues along it, though tweaked with a minecart track looping it...
  17. OddGirl

    Lava depth in arenas

    Sorry if its a need question but I'm working on an arena and wondered what the depth was to have lava burn off stars & hearts (so my statues don't quit) but not drops? Thanks! Arenas aren't easy to perfect lol
  18. OddGirl

    OddGirl's Builds

    I've seen so many amazing threads showcasing a gallery of someone's build I thought I'd start my own… though they may not be as awesome Terraria Art Builds Modded Play through builds Thanks for taking a look! Ideas on...
  19. OddGirl

    More uses for heart crystal - heart statues!

    The title pretty much says it all but having more options for the heart crystals and/or life fruit would be great! Not to make it too easy something along the lines of... 10-20 heart crystals + 100 stone at the + 1 wire @ heavy work bench = 1 heart statue. Thanks for listening to all of our...
  20. OddGirl

    Underwater Base?

    I'm thinking of building one but so far have only seen one example of a completely submerged base. Anyone make one? Know of any? Ideas/Tips?
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