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  1. O_Nothing

    The Cessation - An Alternate Corruption

    "Making the world hollow..." Hey, O_Nothing here. It's been a while. The Cessation is a graveyard, the final resting place for things that have slipped through the cracks in the world and have long since been forgotten, left to rot for eternity among a sea of interplanar detritus. All things...
  2. O_Nothing

    O_Nothing's Noteworthy Suggestion Hub

    Hello, O_Nothing here! I'm feeling especially self-indulgent today, so I think it's about time I put one of these together. The Abyss [Underworld Alternate] "In contrast to the Underworld, a realm of eternal damnation, the Abyss acts as a purgatory of sorts. Deep sea themed creatures float...
  3. O_Nothing


  4. O_Nothing

    Sprites The Astral Convergence - An Alternate Martian Madness

    The Astral Convergence “Astral beings are invading!” The Astral Convergence event is a surreal, colorful alternate to the Martian Madness event. Instead of aliens and flying saucers, the Astral Convergence event is themed more around unfathomable dimensions and general weirdness. It has a...
  5. O_Nothing

    The Crypt - An Alternate Dungeon

    ~ Shucks, looks like it’s time for a Dungeon alt. There really aren’t all that many of them on this forum, and for good reason: this biome is packed with content. Hours of effort have gone into this, and I’m not even spriting anything. Let me know if I missed anything, because that’s bound to...
  6. O_Nothing

    Clockwork Crusade - An Alternate Pirate Invasion

    Clockwork Crusade “Curious constructs are approaching from the east/west!” The Clockwork Crusade is a whimsical Clockpunk-themed event that occurs during Hardmode. Its basic aesthetic revolves around stereotypical high-class British culture, mechanical clockwork, and early daVinci inventions...
  7. O_Nothing

    [Event] The Fog

    “The Fog is rolling in…” The Fog is a mystical, cryptid-themed event that occurs after Skeletron has been defeated. It has a 1 in 9 chance of occurring each ingame day, lasting 15 minutes. While the Fog event is occurring, the background will disappear, gaining a smoky white animated fog...
  8. O_Nothing

    The Ghost Town - An Underground Desert Minibiome

    Now let’s gather ‘round the campfire, to sing ‘bout days long lost: a desert minibiome of dead cowboys and outlaws. A Ghost Town is a wild-west themed minibiome found in the underground desert. They can get quite spacious (similarly to Granite Cave minibiomes), so they only spawn once or twice...
  9. O_Nothing

    The Abyss [Alternate Underworld]

    Introduction - Here is yet another Underworld alt suggestion. This time nautical themed! In contrast to the Underworld, a realm of eternal damnation, the Abyss acts as a purgatory of sorts. Deep sea themed creatures float among barnacle-encrusted stone and pools of shimmering essence, eager to...
  10. O_Nothing

    PC Special Animations for Status Messages

    So we have these nifty status messages that show up in the chat when something happens in the world. These are pretty cool on their own, especially the more cryptic ones like "You feel an evil presence watching you..." or "Impending doom approaches." What if the more cryptic messages came with...
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