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  1. O_Nothing

    The Cessation - An Alternate Corruption

    Sorry for the late replies: BillyDominatez brought this up earlier, and I'm inclined to agree. The only issue is figuring out a new boss system that both limits drops (i.e not spawning loot-dropping minions indefinitely) and allows for "partial victories." The BoC does both pretty effectively...
  2. O_Nothing

    The Cessation - An Alternate Corruption

    Thanks! I wrote the Cessation with a more subtly ominous tone in mind to contrast with the stereotypical fairytale evil of the Corruption and the overt body horror of the Crimson, but I do agree that it might not mesh well with the rest of the game. That being said, that does give me an idea for...
  3. O_Nothing

    The Cessation - An Alternate Corruption

    "Making the world hollow..." Hey, O_Nothing here. It's been a while. The Cessation is a graveyard, the final resting place for things that have slipped through the cracks in the world and have long since been forgotten, left to rot for eternity among a sea of interplanar detritus. All things...
  4. O_Nothing

    Mini Bee Hives in Jungle

    We have something preeetty similar in the game already.
  5. O_Nothing

    Sprites Skeletrompet (It's exactly what it sounds like)

    I commend the effort you put into this, but, well... uh... Yeah.
  6. O_Nothing

    O_Nothing's Noteworthy Suggestion Hub

    Yeah, though it's intended to be earlier in Hardmode than the Pumpkin/Frost Moon events (post-Mech). Thanks for the support!
  7. O_Nothing

    WIP Way of the Dragon

    Well this thread seems to be getting remarkably little attention. Some nitpicky stuff: Wyvern Scales seem to drop an awful lot if they can only be used to craft one item, so they'll likely just end up clogging your inventory. Maybe have them be a rare drop and have the Symbol of Valor cost only...
  8. O_Nothing

    PC The Ancient Guardian

    Maybe I'm reading this wrong, but I'm not seeing the need for a new enemy if it's just going to drop the crafting materials for an item that's already dropped by an existing enemy. I mean, I'm down for new Dungeon content, but it seems a bit superfluous to add an entirely new enemy and three...
  9. O_Nothing

    Hysterian Cipher POST MOONLORD BOSS

    You know, this is a mentality that I've never really understood. Even if I'm not a fan of a suggestion's content, I can still respect the fact that the creator put the effort into detailing it. Having more detail = more people supporting the suggestion, typically. It really shouldn't be the...
  10. O_Nothing

    Sprites The Swamp (Jungle alternative)

    I like the general idea you've got here, but I feel like it shares too much content with the Jungle to be very distinct as an alternative. Using the Corruption and the Crimson as an example, the only remotely similar enemy shared between the two is the Eater of Souls and the Crimera. And even...
  11. O_Nothing

    Oh I'm not quitting or anything, I've just been taking a short break from the forums to work on...

    Oh I'm not quitting or anything, I've just been taking a short break from the forums to work on a few personal creative projects and to deal with second-semester schoolwork. Haven't played Terraria in a while either, so I'm waiting for the summer break to arrive so I can get back into the groove...
  12. O_Nothing

    The Ghost Town - An Underground Desert Minibiome

    They look great so far! I'd say to just go at your own pace and sprite whichever one's you'd like. There's no rush to get all the sprites filled or anything, so you can choose the order you want to go in. I might end up spriting a few of my own too, since it looks like this suggestion is getting...
  13. O_Nothing

    The Ghost Town - An Underground Desert Minibiome

    That would be great! The Ghost Town was originally meant to be an above-ground minibiome in the desert, though I ended up deciding against it since the above-ground desert isn't terribly large and it would probably end up cluttering up the surface. And also because I love underground minibiomes...
  14. O_Nothing

    The Ghost Town - An Underground Desert Minibiome

    Thanks for the support! They're a Wile E. Coyote reference, actually.
  15. O_Nothing

    Sprites Roman Invasion - Alternate Goblin Army

    Overall I'd say this is pretty well done. I'm not going to be quite as critical of the fact that this is an alternate (like 70% of my suggestions are alts lol), but that doesn't mean I don't have a couple of gripes about this suggestion as a whole. Maybe it's just me, but this doesn't feel like...
  16. O_Nothing

    O_Nothing's Noteworthy Suggestion Hub

    Hello, O_Nothing here! I'm feeling especially self-indulgent today, so I think it's about time I put one of these together. The Abyss [Underworld Alternate] "In contrast to the Underworld, a realm of eternal damnation, the Abyss acts as a purgatory of sorts. Deep sea themed creatures float...
  17. O_Nothing

    No problem! I've been working on a Corruption alt ("The Cessation") and a couple of events; I've...

    No problem! I've been working on a Corruption alt ("The Cessation") and a couple of events; I've just been lacking the creative juice to really finish them. The Corruption alt is probably the closest to completion, so that'll likely be next in line. Not sure about the two events, though they'll...
  18. O_Nothing

    Angel Boss

    A quick google search tells me that the word "tetramorph" is possibly a reference to the Four Living Creatures from the Bible. Dunno about the worm part though. Kinda interesting, but not all that fitting for a Terraria boss. The way these bosses are described makes me think that this...
  19. O_Nothing

    Lunar Eclipse

    I mean, astronomically speaking the Blood Moon would be a type of lunar eclipse. Your suggestion seems to be seriously lacking in detail. We can see we have a few enemies recycled from the Lunar Event (which I'm not too crazy about in and of itself) but we also have these two enemies with no...
  20. O_Nothing

    WIP Lihzahrd Temple as an Alt Dungeon

    Interesting concept, but I don't see why we can't just have a unique biome as a Dungeon alt. It's already been established for a while that the Lihzahrd Temple is supposed to be post-Plantera and the Dungeon is meant to be pre-Hardmode. Putting it anywhere else on the progression scale just...
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