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  1. SaltyBeggar

    boss souls & crafting station (item dropped by bosses that lets you craft their weapons)

    Instead of needing to farm several bosses just to get the item you want, why not just have an item that lets you craft any of their weapons? The name of the boss souls would literally be "The souls of <boss name>". All bosses would drop only one of their soul, but only the ones who have weapon...
  2. SaltyBeggar

    good OST recommendations

    Hello, I'd really like good OST recommendations from you guys. The good game OSTs I know are: Terraria and Calamity Mod (this is literally the Terraria Forums lol), Undertale and Deltarune, Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero, Hotline Miami and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Katana Zero, Hyper...
  3. SaltyBeggar

    make the zoom be the same for 768p resolution users and 1080p resolution users

    make the zoom for 768p user be as high as 1080p users.
  4. SaltyBeggar

    sleeping in beds should make the time pass way more faster

    If you sleep in a bed the time will yet pass faster, but honestly 3x times faster is still slow, it'd way better the game paused and you could choose how fast the time would pass during a sleep. I mean, if beds were made to alternate between the day and the night, why not just directly jump into...
  5. SaltyBeggar

    blood moon isn't happening

    in my master mode world, blood moon is :red:ing rare, it literally only happened 3-4 times in my 6 day old world, and because of this, I won't be able to fish in blood moon and get their loot. also make the bloody tear have a different way to get, like crafting with 25 ebonstone/crimstone and 7...
  6. SaltyBeggar

    a late-prehardmode item that changes between the day and the night

    Well, pretty self-explanatory. This item would change between the day and the night, it'd be pretty useful when spawning skeletron and mech bosses. The why I suggested this is because its very boring to wait 'till the night arrives when you literallt have nothing to do while wating to kill a boss
  7. SaltyBeggar

    enemies spawning when fighting a boss in master mode

    I am playing in master mode and I actually could see that enemies are spawning with more frequency during boss fights, probably because master mode adds a higher spawn rate, but this becomes turning very annoying. I was fighting skeletron prime and a wyvern appeared in mid-fight, and completelly...
  8. SaltyBeggar

    NPC quote stuff (more happiness quotes and one more thing)

    here's two suggestions about NPC quotes that I'd like to see in the game: 1º - more happiness quotes, I'd really like to see more happiness quotes, even though this is useless it'd be very fun to re-interact with NPCs just to see different dialogues of the people and biomes they hate and love...
  9. SaltyBeggar

    make ghosts only appear in underground

    it's really annoying when Im mining straight down and this guy appears, it's really hard to kill them as they can go through blocks
  10. SaltyBeggar

    putting summoner weapons in the pet slot

    putting summoner weapons in the pet slot would spawn the minion summoned by the staff but wouldn't attack, maybe making it bigger or smaller just to differetiate from actual minions
  11. SaltyBeggar

    make the wall of flesh despawn after killing all the players and also make the guide don't die

    srsly just do it, there's no why of not doing that.
  12. SaltyBeggar

    SaltyBeggar's suggestions

    welcome to my suggestion portfolio, here I am going to put all my suggestions in this forums! Let's get started Shape detector and indestructible blocks (an placeable that produces energy current after putting an item in it, for maps uses) endless rocket factory (pretty self explanatory...
  13. SaltyBeggar

    shield potion (explosion-immunity potion)

    this potion would make you immune to all the kinds of explosion that destroy tiles (dynamites, bombs, sticky bombs, etc), but it doesn't make you immune to explosion made by enemies, because they doesn't destroy tiles, and explosions made by world-generated traps, because they weren't placed by...
  14. SaltyBeggar

    "quick return to home" key

    when u click this key, it going to use the recall potion/magic mirror (or it's variants) or PDA. if you have the recall potion or/and the magic mirror or/and the PDA in your inventory, it is going to use the recall potion (cuz the recall potion is faster) if there's the magic mirror (or it's...
  15. SaltyBeggar

    potion ideas

    some potion ideas I had: Drugs Muscle potion, increases melee speed by 10% Did with 1 blood sample, 3 bottled water, and 3 daybloom Sharping potion, increases melee damage by 10% Did with 1 shadow scale, 3 bottled water, and 3 moonglow
  16. SaltyBeggar

    world farming

    I always felt that all items would need to be got in one single world (except for evil biomes exclusive items), if you don't have an item in a world then you could do it by fishing crates, but some items can't be got in crates, or even some crates don't exist, like desert crate, snow crate...
  17. SaltyBeggar

    ask an idiot anything

    ask me anything
  18. SaltyBeggar

    thief bass

    bass, which is the fish with the lowest tier in the game, replace other fishes with better tier than it (like prismite, doublecod and etc.), making fishing annoying. maybe making it less often to appear based on your fishing power
  19. SaltyBeggar


    there are multiple ways to cheese in this game, so there's a list of cheeses I want to the developers to somehow get rid of them: nurse cheese - you can kill every boss in the game without difficulty with this cheese. Maybe 7 minutes of a debuff which makes nurse healing impossible, to avoid...
  20. SaltyBeggar

    spelunker potion doesn't detect silt block

    Spelunker potion should also detect silt block, as they are also a way to get ore and gems. Amber can be only got through putting silt blocks at an extractinator. This is also the case of slush and desert fossil.
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