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  1. Andy0132

    Mobile A Potential Fix to the Shortened Diurnal Cycle/Lowered Spawnrate

    Once the WoF has been defeated, diurnal cycles and spawn rates are buffed to 80% of PC in normal areas/non-events, and 100% for areas with high spawn rates/events (eclipse, invasion, etc...). This escalates to 100% across everything once Plantera has been defeated. Before the WoF, diurnal cycles...
  2. Andy0132

    Mobile Autotarget Aimbot Interfering With Weapon Usage

    Due to the autotarget, single-target weaponry with range now attempt to shoot through walls when a targeted enemy is behind them (Messes up RR). Furthermore, the autotarget is notorious for choosing incorrectly. Yes, the autotarget will attempt to aim for a bunny on the edge of the screen...
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