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  1. Nubiezz

    https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/treasure-crates.99678/ IT GOT UPDATED BOIS WHO...

    https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/treasure-crates.99678/ IT GOT UPDATED BOIS WHO ARE FOLLOWING ME!
  2. Nubiezz

    PC From Treasure Bags, to Treasure Chests.

    Sir this is amazing.
  3. Nubiezz

    PC Terrarian To True Eye of Cthulhu

    Terrarian to TEoC Yoyo! Heya! i made this pack because i thought "hmm theres no TEoC Yoyo anywhere." so i just did it myself. IF this pack has been made before then im sorry for somehow copying the idea :D Thank you if you downloaded this!
  4. Nubiezz

    PC Terraria 30's Style(? Texture Pack

    NGL This looks like Newgrounds animation texture pack lol
  5. Nubiezz

    Texture Pack Terraria New Age Retro Texture Pack 1.0.0

    thats probably the glow effect on it. gotta ask the creator to edit glow effects aswell.
  6. Nubiezz

    Dog as EoW

    Alrdy did so
  7. Nubiezz

    PC Dungeon Inventory

    Dungeon Inventory Want to have dungeon inventory? well worry no more! since i created this texture pack! This texture pack adds Dungeon and Spooky textures! Features: Dungeon bricks as inventory textures. Bones as Favoriting!
  8. Nubiezz

    Texture Pack Terraria New Age Retro Texture Pack 1.0.0

    i mean... it would look kinda ugly with few only items being the old texture. i think he should try to make the new items look retro too.
  9. Nubiezz

    PC Muertos Pack - Bosses and some more

    I would download this but well... i dont really like these realistic features on them and it kinda ruins the terraria experience for me. its pretty god damn good tough
  10. Nubiezz

    Dog as EoW

    isint this basically just stealing sprites from Calamity without permission?
  11. Nubiezz

    PC Slime King/Queen Top Hats

    Tired of the Crowns for king slime and queen slime? Worry not! Since i made a texture pack that changes them into a TOP HAT! Download this pack and insert it into your game to see them in action! You might be wondering ''Why did you make this pack?'' well. cause i like top hats.
  12. Nubiezz

    Texture Pack Terraria New Age Retro Texture Pack 1.0.0

    Make everything seem old styled. (even the new stuff)
  13. Nubiezz

    PC Anti-Spider 1.4 Texture pack

    uh.. screenshots?
  14. Nubiezz

    https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/tiny-ufo-probe.99740/ Released this!

    https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/tiny-ufo-probe.99740/ Released this!
  15. Nubiezz

    PC Tiny UFO Probe!

    Tiny UFO Probe This Texture pack makes Martian Probe into a Tiny UFO! I made this texture pack because i didint like how the Probe looked and i tought ''hey lets just make it into a UFO!''
  16. Nubiezz

    PC Tux's Tuxtures (Brighter Skies, Empress face fix, Man Eaters & more)

    thanks u ruined the empress of light her :> Face is best
  17. Nubiezz

    PC Treasure Crates

    Bruh.. ngl i didint expect good comments here
  18. Nubiezz

    Made something cursed. Be sure to check it out...

    Made something cursed. Be sure to check it out! https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/treasure-crates.99678/
  19. Nubiezz

    Kais's Tweaxtures!

    "Makes Wire Cutters orange instead of red so they don't look like they only work on red wires." Now it looks like it cuts yellow wires only
  20. Nubiezz

    PC Treasure Crates

    Treasure Crates Treasure Crates is a texture pack that changes every Treasure Bag (Expert Mode Bags) into Crates! This Texture pack was made by me only. The reason i made this cursed texture pack is because i was bored and needed something Cursed. I UPLOADED IT INTO TERRARIA WORKSHOP...
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