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  1. ArtyyTheTerrarian

    Hybrid World

    Have a nice day, everybody! This is my second project, I hope you all enjoy it. It does not add much, but still something. Anyway, here is a list of content: 171 items 22 NPCs 5 bosses 5 tiles 27 (de)buffs 1 rideable mount. I hope you like it, have a nice game, good luck.
  2. ArtyyTheTerrarian

    tModLoader Can I link more than 1 mods to github?

    Hello. I've released AWP and linked it to GitHub. Ok, cool. But what if I want to link another mod? Do I just erase the name of already linked mod and re-link the second one? Will the first mod un-link and be 5MB again, or everything will be OK? Thanks.
  3. ArtyyTheTerrarian

    So, i know how to add basic particles that leave a trail after a proj, but how can i make it spawn in different shapes?

    So, to add basic particles you need to type something like this: public override void AI() { Dust.NewDust(projectile.position, projectile.width, projectile.height, DUSTIDHERE); } Or to add custom paricles like this: public override void AI() {...
  4. ArtyyTheTerrarian

    Basic zombie walking animation

    For anyone out there, who needs a zombie walking animation, here. Take it.
  5. ArtyyTheTerrarian

    tModLoader Artyy Weapon Pack

    Artyy Weapon Pack is a fun mod for terraria. It currently adds five new bosses. 177 items 1 rideable mount The mod is my first ever project and the mod is still updating and adding new stuff so please be patient and dont judge strictly. Make sure you download all of the newest updates because...
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