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    Sticky's Quality of Life & World Building Ideas

    So after mucking about on the Terraria Discord and seeing that suggestions get lost in the general chat flow, seen or not, as well as Cenx herself saying that it's probably best to make a thread about it, that I shall do! So, I know 1.3.6 is a QoL patch, as well as tuning up much of the game...
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    PC Actual Building Vs. Building In 3rd Party Programs

    So, I'm conflicted. Terraria is my 'zen game' of sorts, something I always boot up to pass time when I'm bored of other things, and have accumulated roughly 3700 hours in it. I like to build, but whenever I go in, to do it, I always either whip out tools from another world to destroy what I've...
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    PC Craftable Clay, Decoration Pottery & Other Ideas

    So after watching a few YouTube videos on people making various materials from scratch, I had some interesting ideas pop up in my head. I felt like putting them out, since I'm a big fan of the game and have a huge chunk of hours on it, and as someone who loves to base build and decorate, I...
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    Luiafk Mod; Cheap, Hacky? Or Fair Game?

    So, I'm curious, I'm running this mod and it grants some pretty awesome perks, like ultimate battler which gives unlimited spawns in the hundreds, mixing 30 of a potion into an unlimited kind, turning buff stations into a constant mobile buff, and plenty of other things. For running that and a...
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    Wavebank Hyperdimension Nepraria! A HDN-Based Wavebank

    So a friend of mine got me Megadimension Neptunia VII for my birthday a few months back and couldn't get to playing it until about a week or two ago. I've since fallen in love with this series so much that I decided to take some of the tunes that frequent that franchise and port them over to...
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    PC Marble Columns

    Hey there! I'm a fan of Roman-style buildings and when Marble was introduced I squee'd a lot at the style. However, one thing has been nagging me; there are no Roman Columns besides the workbench! I'm talking like placeable items similar to Wooden Beam or even it's own block! We have all these...
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    PC Fishing: Bladetongue

    Can anyone confirm if the Bladetongue obtained from fishing is fished from a Crimson Ocean? I've been sitting in a UFO fishing from this ocean for like an hour now and nothing; already got the Toxikarp from a corrupt ocean and I figured the Bladetongue was the same but with Crimson. More...
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