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  1. wilder28

    Any book series you think I should try?

    The title pretty much explains it all. I simply want another book series to read, and I want to know your opinions on what I should read next. So far, I've only read: Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini The Heroes of Olympus by Rick...
  2. wilder28

    Casual Create a Demigod

    Make up a demigod from these pantheons: Greek Roman Egyptian Norse Chinese Japanese Mayan Hindu Celtic Aztec Make sure to include there camp too: Camp Half-Blood (Greek) Camp Jupiter (Roman) Camp Nile (Egyptian) Camp Midgard (Norse) Camp Jade (Chinese) *Need name for Japanese...
  3. wilder28

    Casual TAKE THIS! (quiz)

    Take this quiz and tell me what you get. Just wanna know.:) http://www.quotev.com/quiz/1366538/What-is-Your-True-Color-Aura/ forgot the link. Edit: Made a poll...
  4. wilder28

    Casual Who wins?

    In a fight between characters from these games, who would win? (They are all equipped with the best equipment from their games.). Starbound, Terraria, Minecraft, Total Miner:Forge, and Edge of Space. No mods from any of them. Just an idea I had.
  5. wilder28

    Xbox 360 Hello!

    I'm just looking for someone to play with. Doesn't have to speak and age and level doesn't matter (although hardmode is preferred) you can build, explore, fight, and just about anything else. I have a endgame character and a 1.1 world. GT is Mista Miyagi 45. Plz be quick. I always love playing...
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