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  1. The Warlocke

    **REPORTED** Unable to actuate 2nd row of blocks beneath a chest

    I noticed this in one of my pre-1.4 worlds (and subsequently tested it in my Journey Mode world). Is this intentional behavior now, or a bug? I didn't spot anything about it in the change log.
  2. The Warlocke

    Resolved Repositiong a Borderless Window?

    Can it be done? If not, is there a way to put Terraria in a bordered window in 1.4.x.x somewhere that I missed? It may seem trivial, but much of my time playing Terraria was spent watching videos on one side of the screen, with the game on the other. The borderless window just sits in the...
  3. The Warlocke

    WIP Warlocke's Assorted Suggestions.

    Warning: I'm not an artist, I'm not a spriter, and any sprites I post here should be considered placeholders at best. Ugly, probably bastardized from existing Terraria sprites, placeholders. My crafting suggestions are probably ludicrous. This will be a dumping site for any of the suggestion...
  4. The Warlocke

    PC Wire and Slime in the Ammo Slots.

    As it is, Wire can be manually placed in the ammo slots, but when you pick it up, it will never automatically go to an ammo slot, even if you've "seeded" one or more of those slots with Wire. This also means that, if your inventory is full, you can't pick up wire, even if you have free ammo...
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