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  1. Rookas

    PC Expert Co-OP

    Hello I am just a guy that wants to do a co-op run of expert mode. I can't be on much during the week (AP Euro is a :red:) but on the weekends we can no-life the hell out of this from around 10 to 2 am. I'm 14 but my voice is still very high pitched so if that is an issue I understand. I can...
  2. Rookas

    Pixel Art YAST (Yet Another Sprite Thread)

    Why I made this Hello people of the forums! Today I was browsing the forums and I came across this section that some how I've never seen before. This spriting and art area. I thought I was good at spriting, but I tried, and they were absolutely terrible. However, I am taking requests. Before...
  3. Rookas

    PC My GUI is too big

    Basically, my problem is my gui is so big, when I have the sixth accessory thing in expert mode, my defence covers my settings button, is it my PCs resolution? My resolution is 1336x768.
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