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  1. NinjaKitty

    tModLoader can't compile mods at all! (on linux)

    I keep trying to compile my small mod for terraria in linux, but it won't cooperate. This is the error i keep getting: Error running mcs: Cannot find the specified file at Mono.CSharp.CSharpCodeCompiler.CompileFromFileBatch (System.CodeDom.Compiler.CompilerParameters options, System.String[]...
  2. NinjaKitty

    Is there a tileID for water? And/or is there a way to place water with the use of an item?

    I'm trying to create a clentaminator fluid that converts air into water, but I'm clearly having difficulties. I'm fairly certain I can use voodoo magic to detect air as a tile, but I dont know how i would convert that air into the water tile. Any help would be appreciated, if it's not possible...
  3. NinjaKitty

    What is the TileID for Dirt? (Not the number, the tile)

    I know it sounds like a stupid question, but I can't find it anywhere! I need it for a custom clentaminator fluid script portion: if (TileID.Sets.Conversion.Stone ( <- This is the thing I want to change to dirt! )[type]) { Main.tile[k, l].type= (ushort)mod.TileType("AngelTears")...
  4. NinjaKitty

    How do I create armor that gives movement bonuses in water?

    So I'm trying to add leggings to an armor set that will give movement in water without it being a set bonus. But I do not know how to accomplish this. Help would be appreciated.
  5. NinjaKitty

    I keep getting error CS0115 when trying to compile my mod, I need help.

    I'm not good at this, but here is my error message: c:\Users\*AHEM*\Documents\my games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mod Sources\Eldritch\Items\Armor\VoidstoneHood.cs(10,30) : error CS0115: 'Eldritch.Items.Armor.VoidstoneHood.Autoload(ref string, ref string, ref Terraria.ModLoader.EquipType?)': no suitable...
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