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Search results

  1. x64BitPandaasx

    PS3 PS3 Item trade/giveaway

    Ok. My psn is x64BitPandaasx
  2. x64BitPandaasx

    PS3 Horseman's Blade

    Ok! (Lol. You can help me on my world though.)
  3. x64BitPandaasx

    PS3 Rod of dicord for crimson and hollowed key mold

    May I have hollowed?
  4. x64BitPandaasx

    PS3 Rod of dicord for crimson and hollowed key mold

    I'll trade with you. What you offering?
  5. x64BitPandaasx

    PS3 PS3 Item trade/giveaway

    I can give you a Horseman's blade or Vampire knives for chest stautues. Need mimics badly
  6. x64BitPandaasx

    PS3 Chest Statue

    You mean my gamer tag?
  7. x64BitPandaasx

    PS3 Horseman's Blade

    Will sell for anything. I have too many Horseman's Blades
  8. x64BitPandaasx

    PS3 Chest Statue

    I will give anything you want as long as I have a chest statue. PS3 only.
  9. x64BitPandaasx

    Looking for chest statue

    Looking for chest statue
  10. x64BitPandaasx

    PS3 Quick Trading, if possible

    I have a pet werewolf, bat, dog and wasp. Wanna trade?
  11. x64BitPandaasx

    PS3 Can i trade for a bezoar from someone?

    I can give you one. Got Hermes Boots and Souls of Flight and it's a deal
  12. x64BitPandaasx

    PS3 Need dyes!

    Let me guess... Rainbow dyes? For all armor slots?
  13. x64BitPandaasx

    PS3 WTB the following

    I can try getting you a bone key Apocalypse778
  14. x64BitPandaasx

    PS3 WTB: Beam Sword

    I'm looking for hard mode armor also what weapons you want to sell
  15. x64BitPandaasx

    PS3 A fresh start with fellow Terrarians.

    Mine is x64BitPandaasx
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