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  1. raychaser

    tModLoader raychaser's Mo' Stuff Mod

    Hi, raychaser's here Just released new version of my mod What about new and old stuff? Here it is: 1 NPC(old version down here) Some guns And some other items That's all From this moment this mod is abandoned, 'cause i want make new mod. See ya in next raychaser's mods!
  2. raychaser

    tModLoader raychaser's Mo' Stuff Mode

    Wrong post
  3. raychaser

    tModLoader Bloody Noir[RU]

    Oh man, thanks a lot.
  4. raychaser

    tModLoader Bloody Noir[RU]

    I have a lot of staff in my mod rn, but sprites looks very bad because im still testing new features But thank you for comment anyway!!
  5. raychaser

    tModLoader Bloody Noir[RU]

    Hi, this is raychaser. Version 1.0 is released! All information in my profile
  6. raychaser

    tModLoader I need some help

    Guys, i need some help I just saw how the blitz-zard(Thorium mod) sword works, and I had a question: how to make the same one? I didn't find any information either on the forum or in other sources, so I'm asking for help, because I'm completely zero in programming and won't be able to write...
  7. raychaser

    tModLoader Custom Player Sprites Mod

    I'm sorry, can't think clearly, because I don't sleep well. About translation... I changed my mind about that. There really aren't many words in the code, let alone those that would be worth translating. But anyway, thanks for answer.
  8. raychaser

    tModLoader Custom Player Sprites Mod

    Hi! Found your mod while surfing modloader and i have a question. Can i make some changes in mod? For example, i can reskin the mirror, add some localization on russian and big texture pack. I will do this anyway btw, just for myself, but i can send you my results Sorry for bad english)
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