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  1. FantasticFwoosh

    Wired toilets eject players (emergency exit)

    Once again, after losing much of your patience and finances, your base is overrun after the guide opened the door for the event wave, what now? "A quick escape is needed" you think to yourself, with your more defensively placed base elsewhere on the map, but without the strength to fight your...
  2. FantasticFwoosh

    Replantable Lillypads and Reeds

    Implicitly lilypads and cattails (latter is harder to do because they're taller) already do grow if there is grass on the pond's bottom corresponding directly to 1 free space of air, but a quick check above & below for regrow staff would help.
  3. FantasticFwoosh

    PC Fallen Logs should not need to exist for fairies to spawn, or at least should be replaceable in some way

    Traditionally people built fairy houses to put up gardens and patches of private woodland out of superstition, so it'd probably make sense to have it as a sawmill constructable object to return the cost of wood back in some way. A debt repaid and keeps fairies where you want them.
  4. FantasticFwoosh

    Make Queen Bee Farmable

    Adding hive blocks to loot drops in normal difficulty, and the treasure bag for expert & master mode would be profitable in presence of a garden gnome & luck potions because it increases the amount of stacks you recieve (demonite and scales comparable from EOW or EOC , and hallowed bars for...
  5. FantasticFwoosh

    More developed ocean content

    What's more dissapointing is that the antlion underground got almost entirely revamped, with new holes (little openings in the desert or large ones) new ambients, traps and enemies; Ocean by comparison feels very bare, all you need are flipper accessories and teleport potions for emergencies to...
  6. FantasticFwoosh

    [PC] Beating Up the Eater of Worlds in Expert Mode.

    I've yet to defeat EOW in master mode after killing EOC (dunewalking boots are very strong for defeating expertmode+ EOC when they're really going very fast by outpacing them with sand laid across platforms) but i do very much want to start farming drops to move onto the next stage of...
  7. FantasticFwoosh

    What is your favorite class?

    I make my own way walking the path of demolitionist, even though grenades and projectiles that drop off with no collision are technically classed as ranger. Other magical items especially the ones you craft yourself, and summoner staffs have simply not been useful for me in master mode, when...
  8. FantasticFwoosh

    Gnomes drop parts to a equippable gnome set

    Simple enough idea, when gnomes freeze in sunlight (being rare mobs already, less-so ironically in the presence of other garden gnomes posted around the living wood tree's) they'll have a chance to pop off red gnome hats - gnome shirts and gnome pants respectively when they transition into their...
  9. FantasticFwoosh

    PC Ladybug Luck should be clearer

    Been hearing rumblings that ladybird luck wasn't removed yet through the beastiary description, despite the actual description of karma (which was cryptic at best) being removed the same time as torch luck in the apparent flattening of unfair effects. Keeping in mind, even uncontrollable...
  10. FantasticFwoosh

    Dedicated worlds

    So far the demand has only really been quenched with map modding, which have usually been only preset single block type things to enforce the biomes really really hard, though i haven't really took a look into the new modloader DLC yet to see if there are any more sophiticated versions of these...
  11. FantasticFwoosh

    Stop defining biomes with naturally placed walls

    Couldn't we just have some mechanic to spray down walls with a natural solution in the clemenator to make them unsafe again? Dryad and/or witchdoctor upkeeping their usefulness by providing more enviromental band aids to common world-shaping problems. Think of how large a re-naturalised spider...
  12. FantasticFwoosh

    PC Staff of Regrowth functionality nerfed

    It doesn't lend itself very well though to providing a sufficient explanation why it would be a tool used on moss though, almost like saying paint scrapers should be able to be used on any aesthetic grown grass/mosslike for a chance to get a seed or miscallanous item from it. It'd make much...
  13. FantasticFwoosh

    Echo Platform

    Seems like a bit of a oversight, perfectly natural idea for them. You could suspend candles and light sources spookily without colliding with the echo solid block itself, helping keep up the mystique, and effortlessly walk in the air along your invisible platforms.
  14. FantasticFwoosh

    Change Town Pet Breed?

    Staff of barking or a similar instrument to do it with a flick of a wand would keep in theme of other objects. Perhaps the ability to take the town pets with you as summoned creatures would be additional boon for this, move sets per town pet NPC type since the existing summoning weapons are...
  15. FantasticFwoosh

    S A N D B L O C K

    Hey @darthmorf , could you point me towards any development team replies or responses that explain in more detail? Is there a technical reason? Sand blocks assumes a impassable/hard state when underlayering a cactus, so i can't see a difference why when the blockswap is started, it couldn't...
  16. FantasticFwoosh

    Changing How to Get Biome Keys

    Torch luck has since been removed, because it actually decreased the rng chances for putting the wrong torches in the wrong places, Red didn't have a good enough arguement to keep it. Luck potions and keeping gnomes nearby as a lucky radius item + water candles to promote the chances of...
  17. FantasticFwoosh

    Most invasions should end if all players are dead.

    I've had two consecutive master worlds required to be deleted, simply because i was too good at spelunking and was overwhelmed by the goblin army far below par of the required equipment, given the kind of expectation to just gather enough defence & health to prepare to approach any EOW or EOC...
  18. FantasticFwoosh

    Love/stink potions help modify NPC Happyness

    Simple suggestion, until now you could make love potions for... no functional reason unless you like love hearts, or roleplay. Being able to douse already happy groups of NPC's in love potions could help grease the wheels of the NPC happyness system and tide over some unhappy characters in your...
  19. FantasticFwoosh

    PC Happiness shouldn't punish you

    Something nagging at me is, if NPC happyness is working as intended, what constitutes the happyness of the dryad to sell biome related goods and all kinds of pylons if they don't even like a majority of enviroments? It would seem that the NPC requirement is actually quite high as you'd need...
  20. FantasticFwoosh

    Crafting Recipes for Powders and Solutions

    Reading up in the wiki this is only true for Hardmode corruption worlds. Other features like planters (which can fit any plant, but aesthetically palette with the name) sold by the dryad for deathweed already do show the current worlds evil biome but is mutually exclusive.
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