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    Soul of the Fight

    So... It's kinda bugged me that the crimson also drops purple souls of night. Purple is the corruption, not the Crimson. As such, I would like to suggest either making a crimson-colored variant similar to slime variants, or making a separate soul for the crimson, possibly Soul of Fight (it...
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    Grave Robbing

    Slightly surprised that I didn't return anything on the subject just by searching "graves", it seems like a semi-common theme in other sandbox games, but I suppose softcore rather than mediumcore destroys its usefulness. Graves should act as lootable containers similar to pots, and should...
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    Info Accessory Special Uses

    Special Uses for Informational Accessories I'm sure most of us have at least tried to grind for the cell phone (curse you lost girl!). The thing is, a lot of those items have more uses, or at least could have more uses irl. Example, playing games on your phone... "completely irrelevant"...
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    Polished Ankh Shield

    Before getting into this suggestion, I feel like its a bit obvious, but after a few searches (hand mirror, polished, polished shield, polished ankh shield) I couldn't find anything. Sorry if this has already been suggested. I'm sure everyone here knows about the legend of perseus slaying...
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