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  1. Firch

    New class: Healer

    Disclaimer (kinda): You can say: "hey man there's already healer in thorium!!!" Yeah I know, but I think this healer is a bit boring and not unique at all - it uses (for some weird reason) staves, guns and scythes, so healer in thorium is basically all classes combined together but with addition...
  2. Firch

    Discussion about classes and their design and gameplay

    (I'm not sure if this is right place to post stuff like this.) (I'll hope you'll understand what I mean in this post. Feel free to ask questions or discuss!) (Also, I can miss something, please tell me if you find something weird or missing in my post) Terraria has CLASSES. Each class has...
  3. Firch

    Music Terraria-styled music attempts

    I made themes for Crimson's and Corruption's night, and exclusive theme for meteorite biome (I don't very liked the current one because it also plays at blood moon event and just not fitting for meteorite.) Enjoy! Later I will make themes for nighttime desert, nighttime snow, granite and marble...
  4. Firch

    Ambient Objects and Ecto Mist

    Currently, ambient objects are unobtainable. Would be cool if we are able to craft ambient objects with heavy workbench in Ecto Mist. Why Ecto Mist? Because it already needed to make some previously unobtainable blocks, like natural walls or gemstone ores...
  5. Firch

    Pixel Art Firch's pixels

    Just some pieces of my art, nothing more.
  6. Firch

    Working as Designed Tree Globe and Hallow

    Hallow biome trees can be only changed with world globe instead of tree globe.
  7. Firch

    Dirt Rockets

    I'm was surprised that dirt bombs exist, but there is no dirt rockets! It would be really helpful to terraforming!
  8. Firch

    Turn off antialiasing?

    Can I somehow turn off antialiasing in game? There's some things that looks blurry (main menu UI, some items, backgrounds) because of it.
  9. Firch

    **REPORTED** (Minor) Annoying misplaced pixel

    Misplaced pixel that very annoy me in the new background.
  10. Firch

    Blockswap ropes

    Tried to replace silk rope with regular rope, but nothing happened. Block swap is turned on.
  11. Firch

    Working as Designed Golf and Portal Gun

    Golf ball can't go through portals that were made by Portal Gun.
  12. Firch

    Working as Designed Ghosts spawn rate

    Ghosts still spawning in graveyard biome, however my journey's mode spawn rate is 0x.
  13. Firch

    **REPORTED** Wet bomb

    If wet bomb will explode on hammered half-tile, it will spread nothing instead of water
  14. Firch

    Background Blur

    I really like the backgrounds in Terraria, but I hate how game blurs it. I think it will be good if we can change amount blur in video settings.
  15. Firch

    **REPORTED** Hallowed Jousting Lance Offset

    I think texture of lance is offset when holding. Also the reason can be "large" modifer
  16. Firch

    PC Stars and Quick Stack

    Stars for some reason don't Quick Stack to chests
  17. Firch

    Working as Designed Ghosts can't fly up

    I just noticed if you standing above the ghost, he can't fly up. Works only if you standing still (without moving).
  18. Firch

    Map broken by Alt+Tab (sorry!)

    Sorry, i was too fast and accidentally typed the wrong hotkey. Map (Not the world) can disappear and won't load when I pushing alt+tab, i'm very sorry!
  19. Firch

    Working as Designed Map Broken by Alt+F4

    Sometimes when i press Alt+F4, some of my discoverd map disappears and won't load anymore.
  20. Firch

    **REPORTED** Snake Charmer's Flute visual bug

    When I summon my snake, vase appears, but if i will go lower than vase it will disappear. Also vase for unknown reason isn't appearing on screenshots!
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