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  1. CutieMonica

    PC Can the Angler spawn with no sand?

    The wiki says the angler can spawn in an ocean biome on sand or water, but I believe that sand might be required, I'm playing skyblock and went to the very edge of the world, building a massive ocean-like pool of water with dirt blocks on the bottom, I went AFK there, making sure mobs could...
  2. CutieMonica

    Wavebank Dream Speedrunning Music over Every Song

    The speedrun wavebank to end all speedrun wavebanks. Have you ever wanted the exact same song playing in every scenario? Absolutely not? Too bad! This wavebank is for every Terraria speedrunner out there who just really loves repetition and restarting, all normal songs are "Dream Running Song...
  3. CutieMonica

    Wavebank Any easy way to downgrade wavebanks to

    Bit of an odd question, but a majority of wave banks are now and don't work on, the reason I ask is that the Terraria speedrunning community generally uses as its the fastest version.
  4. CutieMonica

    tModLoader Trying to come up with a Starbound-esque modpack

    Hey all, I have been brainstorming a bunch of ideas for a modpack that essentially tries to take as many aspects of Starbound possible aside from the overly complex storyline you get railroaded into and cram them into modded Terraria, basically, I'm just going to post a list of mods I have so...
  5. CutieMonica

    PC Any way to summon both cultist and moon lord at the same time?

    I want to fight all the bosses at the same time, I've gotten to the point where the only problematic ones are the lunatic cultist and the moon lord. It seems like you cannot fight both at the same time under any circumstances, but crazier things have been found to get around intended game...
  6. CutieMonica

    I've been thinking so much about Journey Mode, here are some random ideas I had for it

    Ever since the spoiler earlier today (Or yesterday, technically), my mind has been going off the rails with ideas for this, here are some thoughts I had since the concept of this is so enthralling and I love the idea of a creative mode you have to earn, also these could all very well be...
  7. CutieMonica

    PC Sound Trial/Test (Inspired by Kirby's Sound Tests)

    I got every music box and decided to make a Kirby inspired sound test room to display and use every single one! Here it is! (it barely fits on screen)
  8. CutieMonica

    Revamp Music Boxes!

    (totally not related to my last post) The way music boxes function in their current form in Terraria is, well, it leaves much to be desired. For starters, I have a few different ways of going about this, 2 of them entirely different ways for the music box to function, and one of them just on how...
  9. CutieMonica

    PC Question about Music Box recordings

    I want to make a sound test room with every music box in the game, this is obviously bound to take a long time, but i wanted to know, i know that if the in-game music is set to 0 then music boxes wont record, but if i have terraria going in windowed and then click on, say chrome, would that...
  10. CutieMonica

    Wavebank Persona Music Replacement for Terraria

    A little project I've been working on while trying to get into modding (TModLoader mod of this is planned and hopefully coming soon), A music pack of Persona songs from Personas 1-5 and some spinoffs, (There's more Persona 4 and 5 in this than anything else.) If you'd like to spice up your game...
  11. CutieMonica

    What are the terraria tiers?

    So im a spriter, and i want to challeng myself to make sprites for the ENTIRE missing parts of the throwing class, so i wanted to know if my tier list for terraria progression is correct, because i wanted to make throwing weapons for the whole of it, heres the tiers ive made so far Starting...
  12. CutieMonica

    PC Suggestions? (moon lord)

    So ive been trying to fight the moon lord now for quite some time, and im having trouble, can someone tell me if theres anything i should change about my current setup (multiplayer isnt an option ;()
  13. CutieMonica

    Mac I dont know how this happened

    So im playing terrria and im trying to fight golem, now the problem with that is that you have to find the lizhard temple, sounds easy right? weeeeellll this is whats happened to me while trying to do so.
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