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  1. PersonHuman42

    PC Pyramid Loot in Desert Crates

    Please, that's all we need. It seems like an oversight that this wasn't included when desert crates were introduced. It would be useful, to not have to search countless worlds to get a pyramid, only to get the Pharaoh's Outfit. To counter a point I see being made, being that the items get...
  2. PersonHuman42

    PC Accessory Ideas

    Hello, I'm here to suggest ideas for accessories, as the title suggests. 1. Ankh Sheild stuff First, make the Hand Warmers Drop from the Icy Merman, because similar to other debuff negating accessories, the Icy Merman inflicts the debuffs this accessory negates (chilled & frozen). Drop chance...
  3. PersonHuman42

    PC Padded Reflective Ankh Shield

    Hello, I'm here to make a suggestion on how to work in the Pocket Mirror into the Ankh crafting tree. Multiple times people have made it clear that they do not want new accessories added (Hand Warmer and Pocket Mirror) into the Ankh Charm recipe, because of the added grind to get the accessory...
  4. PersonHuman42

    PC Connecting to

    Hello, There is an issue where if I try to play multiplayer, sometimes me, or the other person, gets a message which says "Connecting to <Steam Account Name>" (Steam Account Name being the name of the person who is joining steam account). Terraria then just sits on that screen, doing nothing...
  5. PersonHuman42

    PC 7th Accessory Slot

    Hello there. With the announcement of Master Mode, I believe that the currently unused 7th accessory slot (yes, there is one) should be able to be utilised in a Master Mode world (much like the 6th accessory slot in Expert Mode). The player should be able to use this feature by obtaining an...
  6. PersonHuman42

    Hand Warmer Drop

    Hello there, HumanPerson42 here. I think that as well as being dropped form presents, the Hand Warmers should be able to be dropped form Ice Mimics. This way, players could get a very helpful item for traversing the snow biome, without having to change the date on their computers. It would make...
  7. PersonHuman42

    PC Ankh Charm Recipe Update

    Hello there, my suggestion is to add the Hand Mirror to the final Ankh Charm recipe, so the final recipe would be: Armor Bracing, Medicated Bandage, The Plan, Countercurse Mantra, Blindfold and a Hand Mirror. Yes, I do know that the Hand Mirror was introduced after the Ankh Charm, but I still...
  8. PersonHuman42

    PC Cursed Flame Gauntlet

    Hello, this is a suggestion for a new accessory, the Cursed Flame Gauntlet. It is crafted with a Fire Gauntlet and 25 Cursed Flames at a Tinkerer's Workshop. It has a max stack of 1. Its rarity is 8 (Yellow). The sell value is 8 gold. The tooltip is: Increases melee knockback and inflicts...
  9. PersonHuman42

    PC Living Mahogany Furniture

    Hello, my suggestion is having living mahogany furniture. I believe that there should be living mahogany furniture as there is already living wood furniture. As there is the ability to have living mahogany wands, I feel like this would fit in with the theme. These pieces would be made at the...
  10. PersonHuman42

    PC Living Mahogany Wall

    In the living mahogany trees in the underground jungle, there should be living mahogany walls as the trees' walls, instead of normal living wood walls. Also, I am aware that there is no such item as living mahogany walls, as this is also a suggestion to add them as well.
  11. PersonHuman42

    PC Lavaspark Boots

    I've always wanted a combination between Lava Waders and Frostspark Boots so that is my suggestion. Now, to get this in pre-hardmode would be OP so I've taken that under consideration in this suggestion. The recipe is 1x Lava Waders, 1x Frostspark Boots and 10x Soul of Flight. This item is made...
  12. PersonHuman42

    PC A few accessory suggestions for the next update

    Suggestions 1. Lavaspark Boots - this is a combination of Frostspark Boots and Lava Waders as well as 5 souls of flight. Rarity is 8 - Yellow. Sell value is 15 Gold coins. Max stack is 1. Type is accessory. Made at a Tinkerer's Workshop. Tooltip is Provides the ability to walk on all liquids...
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