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  1. NinjaKitty

    Sprites The Infestation (Alternate Corruption)

    oh, cool. can't wait to play it!
  2. NinjaKitty

    Sprites The Infestation (Alternate Corruption)

    OKAY! CAN I MAKE THIS A MOD, OR... THIS LOOKS FEKIN AMAZING! I WOULD BE HAPPY TO CODE THIS! plz this would be an absolutely outstanding mod!
  3. NinjaKitty

    if it's not dead, i can make some fairly decent sprites for your mod. I know this is prob the...

    if it's not dead, i can make some fairly decent sprites for your mod. I know this is prob the entirely wrong place to post this, but i could help. also am a little corious about the secrecy, but i wont question! have a good day.
  4. NinjaKitty

    tModLoader Mod of Redemption

    thank you so much it is very confusing
  5. NinjaKitty

    tModLoader Mod of Redemption

  6. NinjaKitty

    tModLoader can't compile mods at all! (on linux)

    holy crap thanks, didn't think it was possible, nice
  7. NinjaKitty

    tModLoader can't compile mods at all! (on linux)

    I keep trying to compile my small mod for terraria in linux, but it won't cooperate. This is the error i keep getting: Error running mcs: Cannot find the specified file at Mono.CSharp.CSharpCodeCompiler.CompileFromFileBatch (System.CodeDom.Compiler.CompilerParameters options, System.String[]...
  8. NinjaKitty

    tModLoader Assorted Crazy Things; A Mod Full of Crazy Things

    but is it compatible with calamity mod? i really want this, but is it compatible?
  9. NinjaKitty

    tModLoader Succubi's Wrath

    please bring it back that was a good mod.
  10. NinjaKitty

    Is there a tileID for water? And/or is there a way to place water with the use of an item?

    I'm trying to create a clentaminator fluid that converts air into water, but I'm clearly having difficulties. I'm fairly certain I can use voodoo magic to detect air as a tile, but I dont know how i would convert that air into the water tile. Any help would be appreciated, if it's not possible...
  11. NinjaKitty

    What is the TileID for Dirt? (Not the number, the tile)

    I know it sounds like a stupid question, but I can't find it anywhere! I need it for a custom clentaminator fluid script portion: if (TileID.Sets.Conversion.Stone ( <- This is the thing I want to change to dirt! )[type]) { Main.tile[k, l].type= (ushort)mod.TileType("AngelTears")...
  12. NinjaKitty

    dude which way is the thing on your profile image spinning? it hurts my brain.

    dude which way is the thing on your profile image spinning? it hurts my brain.
  13. NinjaKitty

    How do I create armor that gives movement bonuses in water?

    So I'm trying to add leggings to an armor set that will give movement in water without it being a set bonus. But I do not know how to accomplish this. Help would be appreciated.
  14. NinjaKitty

    I keep getting error CS0115 when trying to compile my mod, I need help.

    I'm not good at this, but here is my error message: c:\Users\*AHEM*\Documents\my games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mod Sources\Eldritch\Items\Armor\VoidstoneHood.cs(10,30) : error CS0115: 'Eldritch.Items.Armor.VoidstoneHood.Autoload(ref string, ref string, ref Terraria.ModLoader.EquipType?)': no suitable...
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