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Search results

  1. kaptanmob

    PC Anyone wants free pumpkin moon items

    All of this came out in one night. Note: all the items I collected filled my 4 spare storage.
  2. kaptanmob

    PC I need an enchanted sword

    Hi I have an enchanted sword. I can give this to you for ice skates. Steam Community :: kaptanmob add me
  3. kaptanmob

    PC Truffle Worms

    Hello Ricesword . I have 2 truffle worms. If you give me 50 soul of light and soul of nights, I can give you these worms. Steam Community :: kaptanmob add me
  4. kaptanmob

    PC Want to buy Star Wrath for a Meowmere, Terrarian and a Last Prism

    Hello sirahnksalot I have 2 star wrath in my hand. I can give one to you for meowmere. Steam Community :: kaptanmob add me
  5. kaptanmob

    PC Need putrid scent

    1. My Steam profile: Steam Community :: kaptanmob. 2. Just give me 5 gold coins for me because I am giving it to help, not money. 3.this will be my first trade :)
  6. kaptanmob

    PC Need putrid scent

    Hello, I have some putrid scent. If you can add me on Steam, maybe I can give it for 3 or 4 gold coins (I don't want much money, if I can help, that's enough for me.)
  7. kaptanmob

    PC Star cloak

    sorry i wrote this in english but it's because of google's site translation. I thought it looked Turkish. I apologize again.
  8. kaptanmob

    PC Star cloak

    Merhaba elimde 1 yıldız pelerinim var. Bana Steam üzerinden ulaşabilirseniz, 1 altın parayla değiştirebilirim (Para umurumda değil, sadece yardım etmek istiyorum).
  9. kaptanmob

    PC I need meowmere for zenith

    I killed the moon lord 18 times. But I couldn't drop the meowmere sword even though I had an 11.11% chance. I came here when I had nothing left to do. I need the Meowmere sword for zenith. If you have it I want to buy it. I'll wait for your response.
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