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  1. xX_lowly_Xx

    dedicated server classic mode fun

    Hi, I've made a new server, open to all. (Though only a limited number of players can be on at one time) IP: PORT: 12415
  2. xX_lowly_Xx

    dedicated server classic mode fun

    yeah, whats your discord. Just checked and unless you didn't request me, I should have accepted all my current friend requests.
  3. xX_lowly_Xx

    dedicated server classic mode fun

    EDIT: SERVER NOW CLOSED. Hi, I've just made a dedicated 24/7 server, as playing with others is much more entertaining then just doing a play through on your own. Haven't done a proper play through since 1.2, so I figured it was finally time to give it a shot. There is some basic building...
  4. xX_lowly_Xx

    Adventure Arena of Ruins (Complete Edition)

    I try not to mix "3D" and "2.5D" building in the same map, so it may look a little more simple then that when its finished. But have already started work on it now.
  5. xX_lowly_Xx

    PC journey mode fun play through

    Hi, am currently hosting a game (through steam). My username is xX_lowly_Xx if you want to add me, game is open to friends, and friend of friends. Password for the world is just 12345678.
  6. xX_lowly_Xx

    Wacky NPCs Mod

    This is a really nice mod, good work. can't wait for tmod to update.
  7. xX_lowly_Xx

    Member-Run Contest build suggestions

    Hey, hows it going. Pretty new here on the forums, but have been playing on and off since around when the game first came out. I have recently been trying to up my building game, as I enjoy that side of things far more then a usual play through. So to help me get my degree from the college of...
  8. xX_lowly_Xx

    Graveyard Boys

    very nice, window and graves superb
  9. xX_lowly_Xx

    PC Builds by Lowly

    Thank you!! It's for a large golf map @Kryzelauf is making.
  10. xX_lowly_Xx

    PC Builds by Lowly

    Random stuff I have built for myself or other's. Will keep updated regularly. (See my current project for more: Adventure - Arena of Ruins (Complete Edition))
  11. xX_lowly_Xx

    Adventure Arena of Ruins (Complete Edition)

    Hi, this is a vanilla pre-hardmode journey world I am currently working on. (all pylons and npc's spawned, extra dungeons, golf course ect, ect.) I'll post a link when it's ready. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to see in it.
  12. xX_lowly_Xx

    Golf Golf Map

    yeah sweet as dude. I'm usually up real late, so time difference might not be so much of a problem.
  13. xX_lowly_Xx

    Golf Golf Map

    If you want, I could probably make some buildings for you which could either be ported in via tedit or just directly made on the .wld file.
  14. xX_lowly_Xx

    Golf Golf Map

    Very nice. par for each hole seemed good. I understand its beta so I'm not sure if you're already planning too add more, but more/more interesting scenery, maybe a cafe/bar halfway for instance? and some of the edges could be flattened so it works better for a golf cart hahah for that 100%...
  15. xX_lowly_Xx

    An Overlooked Hotel

    wow, hotel looks real nice, love the staircase :dryadpassionate:
  16. xX_lowly_Xx

    arena of ruins.wld

    thread has moved (idk how to delete this one lol) https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/arena-of-ruins-complete-edition.94043/
  17. xX_lowly_Xx

    PS4 Whatsgoooood

    Hey, new to console, but I’ve played lots of Terraria before on pc. Looking for friends, and people to make a new world with. Psn username is xX_lowly_Xx I make music under the same name, https://soundcloud.com/xx_lowly_xx https://instagram.com/xx_lowly_xx https://twitter.com/xx_lowly_xx...
  18. xX_lowly_Xx

    PS4 Looking for friends to start a new world with

    Looking for people to start a new world with, I’m new to console, but have played lots of Terraria on pc in the past. My psn username is xX_lowly_Xx
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