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  1. Rookas

    Why is torch luck a mechanic?

    This is ridiculous wtf. Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention I wouldn't have known about it otherwise
  2. Rookas

    Post Plantera Dungeon farming

    I think screenshots would have helped this.
  3. Rookas

    how do you pronounce 'cthulhu'

    Someone that actually has done two minutes of research into H.P. Lovecraft! I can already tell I like you.
  4. Rookas

    What is your favorite glitch?

    Turn on frame skip. By default, instead of lowering your FPS, the game will just slow down the game to compensate. If you turn on frame skip, the game with stutter and skip frames, but at least it will be at normal speed.
  5. Rookas

    CTRL V

    í I was working on a some spanish stuff online and was getting tired of going and hitting the button for special characters.
  6. Rookas

    Mac Buying terraria weapons for money?

    If you are that lazy where you won't get the gear just cheat it in yourself. I am against cheating in items but if you want to play like that go right ahead.
  7. Rookas

    Cross-Platform Pokémon

    My shinies: -Toucannon (My favorite shiny of all time, but I don't know why) SOS without shiny charm. -Karrablast - Found in my playthrough of alpha sapphire, it was a random encounter, I had never even encountered that Pokemon before either. -Rowlet Only 72 Eggs - Comfey Once again a fast hunt...
  8. Rookas

    What is the dumbest thing you have ever heard someone say?

    May I ask what brought up the conversation of you randomly telling a 12 year old your IQ?
  9. Rookas


  10. Rookas

    How do you get dungeon sprit? I haven't been on the forums in a while and I've never seen it

    How do you get dungeon sprit? I haven't been on the forums in a while and I've never seen it
  11. Rookas

    Terraria Bad Ideas

    That's only when going fast enough, so maybe reaching max fall speed for a certain amount of time inflicts it?
  12. Rookas

    CC Creation Compendium #44

    @Vladimier your ice Queen's breasts say female but the face says male. 7/10
  13. Rookas

    Beep boop bop

    Beep boop bop
  14. Rookas

    Poll and Discussion: Do you support Cheese?

    I'm fine with in battle nurse if it does not use auto pause, as I consider that in itself cheaty, but I personally do not use any sort of that. I am 100% any sort of exploit to obtain items or not to take damage though.
  15. Rookas

    PC Need someone to help me start a new character!

    I added you, I have loads of homework tonight though.
  16. Rookas

    2 Word Stories

    Johnny Boy
  17. Rookas

    PC Need someone to help me start a new character!

    Hello that name did not come up, mind adding me instead? http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheLordCthulhu/ I won't be able to be on much tomorow, but I can in a few hours!
  18. Rookas

    Linux Game does not launch (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)

    Can you link your entire spec list of your Chromebook? Most (if not all) Chromebooks have pretty :red:ty graphics and processors because of the light OS, so your Chromebook may simply not be able to launch the game. On my slightly old laptop it takes around a minute for it to actually open the...
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