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  1. CornMaized

    PC I have no idea how to explain just how busted my terraria is.

    i have no mods. i have a powerful gaming pc i built. the game just crashesall the time and deletes my characters. here are some of the many crash walls. game files: Terraria (file://DESKTOP-KQ5H1EC/Terraria) (dont think i did that right lol) When i validate the files onsteam it says a file is...
  2. CornMaized

    Opinions on the Fan Vanities?

    [I was being a :red:, don’t mind this]
  3. CornMaized


    Anything isn’t really accurate. I’ll avoid most personal questions. But I doubt those will be asked regardless.
  4. CornMaized

    Post Moon Lord Boomerang?

    Terraria has a multitude of fun melee weapon types. And in the end game we get quite a few to toy with. But a glaring absence is the sudden removal of the boomerang type? We get the paladin’s hammer and possessed axe and then.. nothing? I feel like we should get some sort of fun multi throw...
  5. CornMaized

    Anyone willing to teach me to mod Terraria? I know some C#

    Although my experience is limited and I don't have a ton of free time at this time, I want to do something engaging over the summer and developing a mod sounds like a fun excursion. anyone who is willing to help me with coding and/or spriteing would be Extremely appreciated!
  6. CornMaized

    A mod Concept, gauging interest and asking for tips.

    So this is mainly why I created this account. I would like to make a mod. However, as someone who only has a Google Chrome computer, I cannot currently access the game to mod itself. But I would like to in the future. Maybe during summer break as high school is a big time drain. Current concept...
  7. CornMaized

    Oh heck hello

    My names Corn! I play Terraria on Xbox and Mobile (I technically own it on PC but PC is broke). I joined this forum because I’ve recently gotten back into terraria and have begun the arduous process of attempting to learn C# on my high school computer ahah. I go by She/They pronouns. I dunno...
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