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  1. Charon

    Resprite for Robot Hat

    I was browsing the wiki for updates on 1.4 when I saw that certain accessories and vanity items will be resprited. But shockingly, I saw there was no Robot Hat in that list. Look at this thing. It's like the Cowboy Hat, and that's getting a resprite. Not to say that the sprite is BAD, but it...
  2. Charon

    tModLoader The Copper Shortsword Mod

    Copper Shortsword Mod by Charon, Eldrazi, CJT157, and Gigavoir So, big plans for the most useless thing ever invented in the gaming industry. And yes, this is going to be a thing. Newly created characters spawn with the usual items, except for one change. Their Copper Shortsword is unique...
  3. Charon

    Pixel Art le art

    le art Don't judge So, I've been thinking. Why not start an art thread? So here I am. And I'm ready to start doing something with my life! IMPORTANT! Requests are pixel art only! Requesting: 1. Please give some details for your character, enemy, etc. What color scheme is it? What is it's...
  4. Charon

    PC Ocean Expansion - Depths

    Hello! I feel that the ocean is really underrated... there is so much more you could do with it. I have created an long list of what you could do to extend the biome that people only go to for Duke Fishron or Angler quests, so I hope you like these. I'm sorry that there's no sprites (I really...
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