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  1. Zerog2002

    Serious I need help

    Thread deleted. Problem solved.
  2. Zerog2002

    Why is terraria better than minecraft?

    Allright, I decided that we need a thread to discuss why terraria is better than minecraft, so I gave birth to dis thread. I think one reason is that with terraria, I can't mod it and I'm fine with that, because it has enough content not to be modded. But with Minecraft, I can't mod 1.7.10 and I...
  3. Zerog2002

    NPC new coolness

    Guys- I thought that the game needs a new, interactive NPC engine, so I have made a suggestion. NPC's can like or dislike you depending on if you buy from them or protect them etc. Like if you buy from the demolitionist, or tend to use explosives a little excessively, he will like you more and...
  4. Zerog2002

    Pixel Art Zero's requestable art thread

    allright guys, ive decided to make a pixel art thread. it has request open. so go make one. only terraria related requests are allowed. i will post my finished requests ASAP also dont expect your request the day of because i am usually busy with school work heres one of my own arty tingys an...
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