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  1. Demon Lord

    Serious My best friend died today

    I have a friend. I never knew her real name, or where she lived. I didn't know how old she was, or what race. None of that mattered. I've had fun with her for the past few months in several games. We would log on every day or so, vote on a game, and have fun for hours. She has had a terminal...
  2. Demon Lord

    PC Looking to buy a couple things if possible

    I have just bought the P.C. version, and I've got most end-game items for PS3. Any one want to trade an eye for an eye? I'm particularly looking for vampire knifes, scourge of the corrupter, Hover board, and turtle armor. Plus perhaps a few others that are more situational. Thanks.
  3. Demon Lord

    PS3 Looking to buy/trade

    A few months ago my game got corrupted some how and wiped every world save i had. Luckily the charecter is saved seperatly so i still had most of my favorite gear on me, but i need to reclaim some important pieces of equipment and gear. What i need follows: Broken hero swords. Extractintor...
  4. Demon Lord

    PS3 Worlds are all gone

    Every single one of my worlds was deleted somehow. i finally get the vampire knives on my new main world (old main world got messed up by 1.2 and the underworld got switched with the sky. didnt know about the forum so i just quit, kinda too late now.) i say goodbye to my friend, cyberxrecon. i...
  5. Demon Lord

    PS3 Looking for many things

    Below is a list of things i'm looking for: 1. Crimson Key mold 2. Other key molds 3. Death sickle 4. broken hero swords (in multiples of three if possible) 5. The moon stone (from vampires) 6. shroomite armor 7. spectre and spectral armor 8. Inferno fork 9. Palladian loot 10. Unholy trident...
  6. Demon Lord

    PS3 want to buy any key mold

    I want to buy a key mold (mostly just the crimson one). I don't have all that much but I will negotiate
  7. Demon Lord

    PS3 Looking to buy nazar

    Just wanna buy a nazar. Need an hank(auto correct won't let me say it?) shield. Will negotiate
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