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  1. pedro_megagames

    PS4 Infinite sandstorm bug

    thanks, i'll see if it is actually infinite or it just happens often, release the update when it's ready, it's better to wait a year to get a polished game then to wait a month to get pain in software form, thanks for the recognition
  2. pedro_megagames

    PS4 because the console version doesn't have the Brazilian Portuguese language

    não tem nenhum idioma além do inglês na versão de PS4 e nem no XBOX1 eu acho, ou tu sabe inglês ou tu se perde, eu acho que vão adicionar suporte pra outros idiomas quando a 1.4 sair no console
  3. pedro_megagames

    PS4 Infinite sandstorm bug

    this problem started since the update that added them dropped, now everytime i go to a desert in ANY world there's a sandstorm happening, it got to a point where i'm having to build entire highways in the sky to avoid the enemies, getting sand from the desert to make glass is torturing and...
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