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  1. Alunovem

    Blue moon event.

    While I don't disagree with the statement that some of the benefits seem more like a guarantee than a stroke of luck. The very chance of a blue-moon even happening, is a big stroke of luck itself. :) I feel that, having at least one, two, or a few absolute-benefits, would make the occurrence of...
  2. Alunovem

    Blue moon event.

    True point. Wouldn't be enjoyable if it couldn't be experienced. I guess 5%, (same rate as the Eclipse) wouldn't be so bad. I'll make the edit now.
  3. Alunovem

    Blue moon event.

    Likely been suggested before, but I wanted to share my own take on it. We're all aware, the phrase. "Once in a Blue moon." equates to a rare or uncommon occurrence. This event would essentially be "A night of good fortune & luck." as it were. Effects might include: -Water is unusually visible...
  4. Alunovem

    PC Clear glass

    I greatly agree with this suggestion. 100% As it currently stands, I never use glass walls in any of my construction for this very reason. I highly dislike the visible marks/streaks throughout the glass walls, so much in fact, that I never make use of it. Granted, I'd love to make more use of...
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