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  1. Loreweaver

    PC Can monoliths be activated by wires and logic gates?

    can confirm it works with wiring, was messing around with it myself on a map, if you need help wiring it just holla
  2. Loreweaver

    Parkour Rafelandroid2's path of pain

    ok so I tried it, quick disclaimer, I never played a parkour map before so I barely made it to the first lava part, which for anyone who didn t try it is not far ;) feedback in random order: with that kind of difficulty I d really need beds alot more, or ramp up the difficulty slower. maybe...
  3. Loreweaver

    PC Help me wire a drowning trap?

    mornin, so first thing I noticed, are there outlet pumps up top? can t really tell on the screengrab other than that I can t see a problem from here but with my builds I gotta play around with it myself if somethings not working, so just giving me the world might work better buuuut I could also...
  4. Loreweaver

    PC Help me wire a drowning trap?

    ah ok, check out my edit, I added screenshots and short explanation. gotta say tho I ve mostly been wiring on solo but it should work in multiplayer
  5. Loreweaver

    PC Help me wire a drowning trap?

    ooh ok, so the player drowns and then comes back and resets the room with the switch from the outside? also since you said you can only get it to activate once, do you mean the pumps? in that case you just gotta hook up a timer (half second works well) to the pumps; currently fiddling around...
  6. Loreweaver

    PC Help me wire a drowning trap?

    ok, just so I understand what you re trying to do, the player opens the chest which closes the room and floods it with water. then the player can flip the switch to drain the water and open the room again? if so, why not use grates? one block grate at the top and bottom of the room, then have...
  7. Loreweaver

    Secret area access

    what I forgot in my first post was that when placing 'on' lamps on an 'and' gate the gate sends a signal right away, so might not be the best to have a player unlock something by gathering LGLs. also I m not sure what the exact problem is, most mechanisms are very modular meaning as long as you...
  8. Loreweaver

    Map Ideas

    my first map isnt finished yet, so I can only recommend that one if you wanna test an unfinished one ;) (if you do tho I d appreciate feedback) after that one I m tossing around 2 ideas for adventure maps in my head, one about mages and magic and something like a mages guild and the other...
  9. Loreweaver

    Secret area access

    so if I understand correctly the player gathers things to open something up later on? why not just use large gems and gemlocks? you could for example just hide 8 yellow gems around the map and put up 8 yellow gemlocks in the center of the map or if you really wanna roll with the LGLs in the...
  10. Loreweaver

    Survival Mini-islands Survival Map (Work In-Progress)

    no hurry dude, I always say taking your time makes it extra good ;)
  11. Loreweaver

    Survival Mini-islands Survival Map (Work In-Progress)

    the ships look sweet dude ^_^ generally I prefer to play a finished map but if you need beta testers just tell me and I ll try it out! cheers
  12. Loreweaver

    Survival grindhouse, small adventure project, looking for testers

    thanks for the feedback dude, lemme jump right in: -cobalt shield sounds like an idea, think I ll add that to the start, sorta goes in line with the player being a badass. -I put the base rules in chat with the world loader, hope that worked. maybe I ll change it to signs, I had the idea for...
  13. Loreweaver

    Survival grindhouse, small adventure project, looking for testers

    updated 29/03/2021 introduction: hi there, this is my first adventure map project, I ve been fiddling around with builds on my solo playthroughs or with a friend but now with journey mode I really felt like making something and uploading it. also I never really got into wiring and with this map...
  14. Loreweaver

    Time Monolith

    I was just recently thinking during map making that I'd love a way to change daytime/nighttime, since there are certain mobs that only work during nighttime. this is not very fleshed out though, I'm assuming you want to have part of the map behave like it's night? so I go straight to wiring...
  15. Loreweaver

    (wiring) a button

    in the spirit of keeping things simple: a button in the size of the switch with the same function, however instead of having two different visual states just light it up briefly when you right click it. I'll explain why I'm suggesting this, how new players might benefit from this and then...
  16. Loreweaver

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    so I can't seem to find a changelog for the new update, my question is if I should start a new world or will I get all the changes in existing worlds? cheers p.s.: really enjoying the mod sofar!
  17. Loreweaver

    conceptual thoughts on adventure map making

    to be honest, I tend to stick with the base game just to reach the most people, I recently started thinking about what to do with maps and still keep the playability with vanilla. discovered a video on Tedit, gonna look into that since there seem to be some awesome functions like setting the...
  18. Loreweaver

    Banner requirement rework

    this might be slightly unrelated but might I add a suggestion for turning off banner drops for certain mobs you have marked in the bestiary? maybe only during journey mode? because I find it rather annoying that my inventory gets filled up with banners so fast during regular gameplay and it...
  19. Loreweaver

    PC Universal statue

    after watching a video on how brutal getting 100% is, maybe something like 80% would be better ;) love the idea of getting a pulse when everything is dead but I have no clue how realistic that would be to make. since enemies despawn when you get too far away that could be used to cheese stuff...
  20. Loreweaver

    Journey Mode Quality of Life suggestions for 1.4.1

    very much love the idea for favorites in the duplication menu, also the duplication menu really could use more tabs, the 'blocks' tab currently contains stuff I would not think ever to be a block. ideas off the top of my head for tabs: furniture, walls, engineering (wire, sensors, levers...
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