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  1. ALmaZss

    Looking for C# + XNA coders

    I will be brief. I'm looking for coders to create a game named Explands on XNA or monogame if you want so. This game will be Terraria-like. Here it is. Actually I need ideas and music, too for game, so musicians and idea centres are welcome!
  2. ALmaZss

    Member-Run Project Explands

    ON HOLD i guess Hi there. I'm ALmaZss. I have the dream. I want to create the game. I like Terraria very much, but I want to create something at least bit as amazing as Terraria. For now I have a small bunch of sprites, but I'm not very good at coding and I need the help. I think the game will...
  3. ALmaZss

    tModLoader Sound IDs

    DON'T USE THIS, PROCEED TO THIS LINK FOR FULL LIST OF SOUNDS (and even dusts)!!! Hi! There are IDs of sounds to make creating mods much easier! :3 (I will update this thread for more sounds.) Status of work: On hold.
  4. ALmaZss

    tModLoader Randomod

    Hi there. Randomod is a mod that adds Random things (and things you want to be added!) At this moment mod adds not so many thingies. Status of work: Updating! Current Version - This feeling when you don't update mod for some time then you are making updates with supersonic speed...
  5. ALmaZss

    Pixel Art ALmaZss's abominable sprites.

    Hi there! My name is ALmaZss (not an actual name) and I'll post sprites here. (Sponsored by boredom, so it's 90% that I'll abandon this thread :(.) [/SPOILER]
  6. ALmaZss

    tModLoader Looking for Coders/Spriters.

    TEAM IS FULL!!! Hi there! If you want to join my team you can leave request to be a coder or spriter(in a pinch an idea center.) We'll create mods. Team members: ALmaZss [Coder, Spriter] gh0stb0y3 [Spriter] Dat Nub Scrub ۞ࢧࢧ [Spriter] TMC [Spriter, Main coder] Darkninja [Spriter] Snarferman...
  7. ALmaZss

    tModLoader Pre-Hardmode Items+

    Hi there! We, team Rift, are making the mod that adds some items from hardmode but made of pre-hardmode materials to pre-hardmode! Too complicated [/SPOILER] [/spoiler] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] MORE CODERS/SPRITERS NEEDED. We are working on new version now, information in this...
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