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    Remove the Fish Finder from the PDA recipe, move it to the Cell Phone one

    So the PDA would just be GPS + Goblin Tech + R.E.K. 3000, and the Cell Phone would be PDA + Fish Finder + Magic Mirror. (And of course the PDA would no longer provide the functionality of the Fish Finder.) The Fish Finder, as (I'm pretty sure) we all know, is by far the most annoying to obtain...
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    Allow projectiles created by accessories (e.g. Volatile Gelatin) to be dyed

    Doesn't seem like it would be too complicated; just have whatever dye is in the accessory's dye slot affect the appearance of the projectiles it spawns. Imagine the Spore Sac with Wisp Dye—it would probably look like you're surrounded by stars. EDIT: This obviously wouldn't show up for other...
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    **REPORTED** "Toggle Journey Powers" menu key bind doesn't work unless Auto-Pause is off

    In the settings where you bind keys, I noticed that "Toggle Journey Powers" could be bound to a key, but wasn't bound on the menu keys tab. I set it there, but it still didn't do anything when I pushed it in the menu. Turns out it only works with Auto-Pause off. For most of the other keys, it...
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    PC Suggested UI improvements for research/duplication

    One-click research— this could be assigned to Ctrl-clicking a stack. This is normally how you trash something, but in Journey mode I think it would make sense to reassign it to research instead, and just trash if there's no more needed to be researched. This would also serve as a way to...
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    Linux Support the OpenRazer driver for Razer Chroma in Linux

    I have a Razer Blackwidow with per-key RGB, and I have the OpenRazer driver installed to use it on Linux. I heard Terraria would support Razer Chroma, so I was disappointed (but not surprised) to see my keyboard not do anything special when running Terraria. Is there any chance Re-Logic could...
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    Add the option to bind equipped items to keys

    The way this could work is, you'd bind a key to the slot it's in while the item is equipped. Then, whenever you press that key, that item will go into that slot. You could bind multiple items to different keys in a single slot to easily switch between the items, and even bind a single key to...
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    Why is there console/mobile-exclusive content, but no permanent PC-exclusive content?

    First, a disclaimer: I'm not saying I'd prefer people on console/mobile not have content they otherwise would. I'd very much prefer they do, just like I'd very much prefer all the console/mobile-exclusive stuff was added to the PC version. What I'm wondering is why there's stuff in the...
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    How about combining the Hermes Boots and the Cloud in a Bottle with *each other*?

    There's two accessories that greatly increase mobility in pre-hardmode: the Horseshoe Balloon, and the Frostspark Boots. Of course, once Hardmode is activated and you can make wings, a lot of their functions are obsolete. Some of them are still useful though, namely the double-jump effect and...
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    YES! Spazmatism down! Retinazer almost down!

    I'm finally gonna do it!!! WHAT??? DAYTIME? :mad:
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    So, about the rule regarding the developer items...

    I'm sure this rule has been debated many times before--in fact, I vaguely recall starting a thread about it on the Terraria Online forums back when that was the official forum. But with the release of 1.3, isn't that rule kind of out of date, considering they're no longer unobtainable? I'd say...
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    Publish the source code for Terraria (minus assets) to aid modding

    Some game developers have, despite their games being commercial products, published their source code in order to assist people who want to make mods. Two examples I've seen are the relatively popular Space Engineers, and a less-popular game called Eldritch. I'm sure there's more. Terraria is...
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    Why aren't we allowed to discuss modding the console and mobile versions?

    I understand that modding is against the Xbox and PlayStation terms of use. Whatever the reason is for that, it doesn't change the fact that it's not something that hurts the community to have. So why does it have to be against the rules here as well? The forums aren't at all owned or controlled...
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