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  1. FantasticFwoosh

    Wired toilets eject players (emergency exit)

    Once again, after losing much of your patience and finances, your base is overrun after the guide opened the door for the event wave, what now? "A quick escape is needed" you think to yourself, with your more defensively placed base elsewhere on the map, but without the strength to fight your...
  2. FantasticFwoosh

    Gnomes drop parts to a equippable gnome set

    Simple enough idea, when gnomes freeze in sunlight (being rare mobs already, less-so ironically in the presence of other garden gnomes posted around the living wood tree's) they'll have a chance to pop off red gnome hats - gnome shirts and gnome pants respectively when they transition into their...
  3. FantasticFwoosh

    Love/stink potions help modify NPC Happyness

    Simple suggestion, until now you could make love potions for... no functional reason unless you like love hearts, or roleplay. Being able to douse already happy groups of NPC's in love potions could help grease the wheels of the NPC happyness system and tide over some unhappy characters in your...
  4. FantasticFwoosh

    Garden Gnomes viewable effect status

    Garden Gnomes (accessible from frozen into place gnomes in sunlight) from a certain amount of testing within my own player experiece, exude a aura of luck that spreads about the same distance as other buff giving objects like campfires, though i do use multiple ones in and around my starter base...
  5. FantasticFwoosh

    Undead NPC's

    Not quite alive, not quite whole, bit of a strong term to refer to a ex-person but still a accurate one they might even admit to apply to themselves. Undead NPC's live wherever living people don't reside, with the exception of a few tolerances of favorite people, which may not always be mutual...
  6. FantasticFwoosh

    NPC Happyness could be more complex for gameplay

    After playing 1.4 for a little while and getting a idea of who goes where, I like the new system for making worlds more varied, but on the other hand seeing all these walkthroughs on NPC's being too easily gamed i think there is certainly more we could do with this system than its current scope...
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