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  1. laserwolfO7

    Character Age!

    I think ,as the title says, your character should be able to have an age, younger or older. It determines your character's size (but no hitbox changes!), and NPCs talk to you differently. If your character is under 18, they die like the angler, saying you "left" and no gore is provided. Maybe...
  2. laserwolfO7

    Armor/Weapons on NPCS

    I think it would be cool to give NPCs armor, and they get the defense. Perhaps you can upgrade their weapons, yet they only use a certain type of weapon, so that they don't die left and right in Master Mode. Perhaps you could select "Gear" and open a mannequin-like interface? Just thoughts. :P
  3. laserwolfO7

    Ability to play rock-paper-scissors!

    Let's face it, many gamers have no friends. Well, why not do something? When you make a rock, paper, or scissors emote, a nearby NPC will make another emote, perhaps at the same time? That would be fun!
  4. laserwolfO7

    Sprites Better Character Customization!

    So, imagine you wanted a character with a special look, beyond what Terraria normally provides. Well, this is what I'm thinking of: Add more eye settings in the creation menu. Also, add pulley styles and color changing. For example, you could do this with your eyes: 1. Closed always. Example...
  5. laserwolfO7

    Anti-Derp Pack

    So, some people are scared of derplings. I personally am not, they're kinda cute to me, but they scare some people. Well, derp no more! Here's the pack that removes derplings! (Well, their texture.)
  6. laserwolfO7

    My custom minimap border. Opinions?

    made it myself with paint 3d
  7. laserwolfO7

    Know this won't happen, but modders maybe...?

    Wouldn't it be nice if you could have your own unique weapon in vanilla without everyone else's looking exactly the same? (Say, retexturing terra blade. EVERYONE has the custom terra blade now, even if it was supposed to be a unique item.) Well, I have an idea. Behold the Luminite Forge! This...
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