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  1. Poggle566

    Pickup Range Accessory

    With the new items in 1.3, building is easier than ever, with the drill mount's block gathering and the laser drill's range, along with the extendo-grip allowing placement of blocks with increased range. The one annoying thing I have problems with when using my laser drill while building is that...
  2. Poggle566

    UI Bait Slots

    I would like to see slots for bait in a way similar to coins and ammo. It would be nice to not have bait cluttering up the main inventory and more easily set the priority for bait use rather than accidentally using jellyfish that I just caught rather than my hundreds of fireflies. Thanks for...
  3. Poggle566

    Will Characters and Worlds Still be Independent?

    Like in Terraria, will you be able to move your characters to different worlds? I really like it in the first Terraria game as you can collect resources from new areas easily by creating a new world, rather than having to move further and further every time you go for materials like in Starbound...
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