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  1. excession

    **REPORTED** Grappling Through Walls (Bug)

    Here's a rather strange and low priority bug, but I thought I'd report it nonetheless The video is super low quality when embedded in the forums, so here's the embed and directly below it is a link to a higher quality version. streamable.com/d01kbh
  2. excession

    Excession's Musical Corner (Requests!)

    It's been a long time coming. Now that we have that over with :sigh: Going to type over here now. As some of you may know, I play the piano, as well as a few other instruments, but mainly piano. Lately I have been arranging a lot of music, so this is a thread for my arrangements, and for...
  3. excession

    Excession... Excession.... Who's that!?

    Hello! Very few of you know me, no doubt, but this gives you a chance to! Ask me anything, (As long as it's not to personal...) like, who's that in my avatar, what do I like to do, and why are we here on Earth? (don't know that last one...)
  4. excession

    Drawings & Paintings Excession's Geometric Weaponry

    Hey guys! After being on the forums for a while, I discovered that Digital and Pixel art I can't do very well. Don't ask me to do it. I won't But I did start to draw weapons. Not typical weapons, but Geometric ones. What I mean is I draw them kind of by pasting shapes together on graph...
  5. excession

    Thread ideas Thread! (come here if you want to find ideas to look at!)

    This thread is weird I know the rules say that you're not supposed to beg people to view your threads I made this so that if you have a thread people will like, but nobody seems to clicking it, or giving feedback, you can say check out my thread! it's about (insert what it's about here) etc...
  6. excession

    Story The servant of cthulhu (terrarian novel)

    I thank you already for even clicking on this thread! This story will cover a lot of content! it has already discussed who the guide is, and will eventually cover how terraria came to be, what cthulhu's deal is, the other NPCs, the wall of flesh, and a bunch of other stuff, so stick around...
  7. excession

    New Boss Concept

    I am not so good at balance, but i will be updating and fixing this idea, and making it better and better, so here you go! I present, the Chaos Immortal. Sprite by : @Molos Elethros This is a hallow themed boss. This boss should have low attack and defense, but instead focus on playing...
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