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  1. salad_den

    RNG determination

    I have recently wondered how RNG seed is determined by what means as in does it get generated when the game is launched or when you enter a world or maybe it it tied to the world seed? as a game that has many RNG elements it would be neat to know how such a thing is determined
  2. salad_den

    PC I could use some assistance

    hi there, if just recently entered hard mode and have hit what im calling a "morale wall" due to the possibility that i have done such a thing before on console and can use some help. my steam is in my signature and to help schedule a time im in a (-06:00) Saskatchewan time zone. Many thanks -...
  3. salad_den

    My transition from console to PC and etc.

    Hi @Redigit oh god now that the extremely formal introduction is over with i'd like to say that the transition is rough but an amazing one at least. I'm really enjoying the game but I do feel every so slightly lonely in my new world and hope I can find someone to accompany me, but it seems...
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