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    Martian Saucer in 1.4 Expert Mode? (no black spot)

    I'm unable to defeat a martian saucer in 1.4 expert mode, because it moves too fast to avoid it with any item and the death ray kills you immediately in its final phase. All guides about 1.4 martian madness are about master mode where they have the black spot which moves fast enough. I'm...
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    **REPORTED** Thunder sound too loud and often and doesn't decrease with Ambient volume

    The thunder sound is too loud compared to other sounds in the game, and its volume doesn't decrease with "Ambient" sound, even though I'd consider the thunder sound ambient Would be awesome if thunder could be controlled separately (e.g. with ambient), and/or be made less loud compared to other...
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    How would one make a 1.4 mod that marks all accessories as social slot equippable?

    Hey, Last time I made mods was for Morrowind, there were many methods to make them, some as simple as dropping replacement audio and texture files in a directory, or updating lists of stats of items and monsters ;) I've never written mods for Terraria, how does one make mods for 1.4? Is...
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    **REPORTED** Set bonus tooltip not updated if autopause on

    When autopause is on, and you change your armor, the set bonus in the tooltip is not correctly updated. E.g. if you newly equip three matching pieces, it does not update the tooltip to show the set bonus until you close and reopen the inventory. And if you unequip one piece of the armor, it...
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