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  1. Daimera

    Story Fell

    This was a semi-big project I'd committed to over on my blog. Might as well put it here for visibility (it wasn't getting any in my art thread). However, if you think I'm going to reformat 86+ pages into BBCode and then stick in in a wall of multi-posts that will probably just get auto-merged...
  2. Daimera

    Other Art RL Dai Crafts a Tiny Night's Edge

    Hello! If you've been watching my Profile feed, you've probably noticed me working on a bit of a project! This is that project, and I'll be sharing some more info about it in regards to its progression! FIRST THING'S FIRST PLEASE don't compare this to Jazware's official product!! Well over...
  3. Daimera

    [Suggestion] Higher contrast to link text.

    Now, I have NO idea if this is just a problem with my monitor calibration, or maybe just my eyes, but it feels like not all link text colors are created equal from theme to theme. As someone who uses the Crimson theme predominantly, I find myself having a very hard time seeing link text, to the...
  4. Daimera

    PC Derpbird Dai's Lazy Builds

    I wasn't sure I was ever going to make a thread for builds because I don't feel I'm very good at them, but if I'm gonna make any effort, I might as well start somewhere. It is something I want to get better at, and I'm trying to study other good builders towards those ends, but the going is...
  5. Daimera

    Heated and Electrified Wire - Making Any Block Dangerous!

    This is an old suggestion of mine that I'm resurrecting from Terraria Online. I looked around and couldn't find anyone else bringing it up here (though it's hard to go through everything, but I tried a few searches and didn't turn anything up so I'm gonna plop it here. This idea was brought to...
  6. Daimera

    Suggestion: Option to display gender along with name/title/avatar on posts.

    A suggestion as stated. Include a toggle option to have a ♂ or ♀ next to or somewhere around one's title, name, or avatar based on what they've selected as a gender in their preferences. There's been some lighthearted 'drama' regarding mistaken gender about, and 95% of it seems to stem from...
  7. Daimera

    Daimera's Content Tavern

    It’s not a big deal to most people. It’s an extremely big deal to me. As someone who’d wish nothing more than for people to respect the canon of my own original work (a tall ask on the internet), I am obligated by personal morals to respect the canon of other people’s work. That’s why I...
  8. Daimera

    Placeable Drinks!

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