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  1. BlueBolt22

    Music "Megalovania" Remix

    (This remix is currently unfinished, but I attached what I have right now). This is a remix of the song "Megalovania" by Toby "Radiation" Fox. Created in FL Studio, and uses FL Studio, EarthBound, and MOTHER 3 soundfonts.
  2. BlueBolt22

    tModLoader My mod isn't working

    I added a boss to my mod and it isn't working.
  3. BlueBolt22

    Pixel Art Pixel Art Templates

    I made some templates to edit and create something with it. More coming soon. I take requests for templates. 1.3 Bar Outline: 1.3 Bar Template: 1.0 Bar Outline: 1.0 Bar Template: Buff Outline: Buff Template: Debuff Template: Flask Buff Template: Relic Base: 1.0 Statue Base: 1.3 Shortsword...
  4. BlueBolt22

    tModLoader Terra-verse (Unfinished)

    (Logo made with darthmorf's logo maker) This is a mod I'm making with Brud and It's Banana Time!(Brud doesn't use TCF). I'll update the sprites later. Some content is not coded yet, but there's a sprite. Colors of text are rarities. Some sprites are blurry because they are smaller than they look.
  5. BlueBolt22

    Pixel Art Pixel art I made

    I made some pixel art and I will add more later. The blur is caused by the images being smaller than they look.
  6. BlueBolt22

    Member-Run Project Another Universe (Unfinished RPG Game)

    I have been working on an RPG game called . I actually have no experience coding games (but I am learning some C# and HTML code), but RPG Maker 2003 doesn't need coding. The game isn't about space, it's about another universe where humans don't exist and almost every other animal acts like a...
  7. BlueBolt22

    PC Terraria thinks it's running when it's not, and won't close

    Steam says Terraria is running when it's not, and the stop button won't work. tModLoader works fine, though. Whenever I open another Steam game, it still says running and I think other people see that I'm online and playing Terraria forever. Here's an image:
  8. BlueBolt22

    PC Compiling my mod doesn't work because of an error in a bosses' code!

    This is the error: This is the code: using System; using System.IO; using Microsoft.Xna.Framework; using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics; using Terraria; using Terraria.ID; using Terraria.ModLoader; namespace BluesSwords.NPCs.Boss { public class CursedEyeOfCthulhu : ModNPC { public override...
  9. BlueBolt22

    tModLoader I can't build mods!

    I press the build button and I get this message:How do I fix this?
  10. BlueBolt22

    PC I made a map!

    The Map is called True Terrarians. Here is the link to part 1: https://www.curseforge.com/terraria/maps/true-terrarians-pt-1
  11. BlueBolt22

    Ask Blue Anything

    You can talk to my sword but I don't think it will respond
  12. BlueBolt22

    I am working on a game.

  13. BlueBolt22

    Make your own sprite!

    Make a sprite and post it in the replies here: Piskel - New piskel
  14. BlueBolt22

    tModLoader Mobile stuff on PC!

    With HERO's mod (Creative Mode Mod), you can spawn Turkor, Ocram, Lepus, and more! Also there are mobile items, too! (I am not HERO, I'm just talking about the mod.)
  15. BlueBolt22

    Pixel Art Make a Boss!

    I will create bosses for you! Tell me the name and all the features, and I will make it. Just remember I can't create extremely detailed bosses (Calamitas, Moon Lord, Permafrost, etc) unless it was created from another detailed sprite. I will also make a summon item if you want. Here is a few...
  16. BlueBolt22

    Pixel Art Make a Sword!

    Tell me the color, name, if it is animated and animation details, and shape of your sword and I will make it! Here's a few things I made:
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