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  1. Dakota Spine

    PC Torch Swap only uses regular Torches. This shouldn't the the case

    I've experimented a little, and with normal Torches in my inventory, Biome Torch Swap works perfectly fine, for the most part. I automatically place Jungle Torches in the Jungle, Crimson Torches in the Crimson. The Ocean doesn't get Coral Torches however, and this feels like an oversight. But...
  2. Dakota Spine

    Tether Kites?

    To keep it short and simple; if possible in the game's engine, I would really love to be able to tether kites to a specific piece of furniture or block. So I can see them hit the ground when it's not windy, and see them soaring when it IS a windy day without standing around myself to see them...
  3. Dakota Spine

    Make Crumbling Blocks destructible via Weapons

    In theory, I really enjoy the Dungeon having crumbling blocks. But having to stop and mine at them with a Pickaxe is frustratingly slow. And once you have better Pickaxes that can actually break Dungeon Brick, it becomes harder to distinguish what is proper breakable dungeon brick and what is...
  4. Dakota Spine

    PC Grates inhibit Fishing due to blocking water from the rest of the pond. They shouldn't do that

    I've been wanting to incorporate Grates with houses to make water safely flow inside without anything being able to get in. But i've noticed if I block the rest of the water in my ponds with a Grate, my catching slows down and I more frequently get trash. This is remedied by destroying the Grate...
  5. Dakota Spine

    PC Town music should play once you activate a Pylon

    As written above, I think Town music should only overtake other tracks once a Pylon has been activated This makes the regular music last a little longer, and makes the Town music more meaningful once a Pylon has been set down, solidifying the little town you have created I think this would be...
  6. Dakota Spine

    tModLoader Mods build for all different versions

    Is there a way I can sort of work around this? There are mods I want to use together, but they're built for totally different versions of tModLoader. I don't think there's any way I can get different versions of some of the mods, and I am not sure what to do. I've seen somebody on YouTube using...
  7. Dakota Spine

    Mandible Set and Mandible Knives

    Hey guys, Dakota here. I have noticed that in 1.3, you can get a plentiful amount of Antlion Mandibles, but you really can't do much with them. So I have the solution! Mandible Knives, and a Mandible Set. The Desert could be the biome where the Throwing class could eventually stem from. Just...
  8. Dakota Spine

    Underground Desert and Hardmode Ores

    Hey guys, Dakota here. I think I may have noticed something. I may be wrong, but it seems like Hardmode Ores can't spawn in the Underground Desert. I searched my entire Underground Desert area, and I didn't see a single one. And once I left it, I instantly saw some Cobalt in an area of stone...
  9. Dakota Spine

    Improving the Lifeform Analyzer

    Hey guys, Dakota here. So, my Hellevator has Hallow surrounding it. And I can't tell you how many times I have picked up readings of a Hallowed Mimic nearby. But the problem is that the Mimic is only on one side of the Hellevator. And usually it spawns right on the side of the screen, where it...
  10. Dakota Spine

    Fungi Staff, a Sentry Summon Staff

    Hey guys, Dakota here. I just had a little idea for a sentry summon. It would be a big Glowing Mushroom! It would sway from side to side, and it would constantly drop spores that would home in on enemies! And not only that, but you can even bounce off of it! It won't send you too high to keep...
  11. Dakota Spine

    Slight Sprite Change To The Golem

    Hey guys, Dakota here. This may be too small to be viable as a change, but I just had the thought to change the Golem's eyes from red to yellow Before: After: I just thought it would fit a bit better with the Temple's color scheme, along with the fact that the face behind the head during the...
  12. Dakota Spine

    The Blindfold

    Hey guys, Dakota here. I am trying to make an Ankh Charm. And to make one, I need a Blindfold. These drops from three enemies. Dark Mummies, Corrupt Slimes, and Slimelings. But my world is Crimson. Since both Corrupt Slimes and Slimelings are Corruption exclusive, I can only farm Dark Mummies...
  13. Dakota Spine

    Enemy Spawn Change

    Hey guys, Dakota here. If people make farms, they have to go through the whole trouble of making all the areas around that spot so things can't spawn in them. It can be a real pain. I am not quite sure if this is the only place where it would be helpful, or if something like it is already...
  14. Dakota Spine

    Potion Sprite Changes -Sprites-

    Hey guys, Dakota here. Some of these potions, in my opinion, look kind of strange. It might just be me, but a slight change to these sprites would be nice. These are just a few suggestions to see if they could look a slight bit better. If you don't agree, then it's fine. I will just...
  15. Dakota Spine

    -Sprites- Shock Discharge, A Consumable Weapon

    Hey guys, Dakota here! I just have a random little idea for a Consumable weapon. So without further ado, let me share this little idea! The Shock Discharge would be a Consumable weapons, as stated before. Before I state the function, I will explain how to craft it. It is made at a Hardmode...
  16. Dakota Spine

    Star in a Bottle. Place them on the ground!

    Hey guys, Dakota here. I'm gonna sum up this idea here. Star in a Bottle. Ground. And that sums up the whole suggestion! It's that simple. You should be able to place Star a in Bottles on the ground, and not only be able to hang them from the ceiling. This also includes Firefly Bottles and...
  17. Dakota Spine

    Humorous Share some Jokes

    Feel free to share any jokes you have made or heard before here! I'll start by leaving one here. "Two satellite dishes met on a roof, and got married. The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was incredible!"
  18. Dakota Spine

    [SRT] NPC Relationships

    Hey guys, Dakota here! As is right now, the NPCs just kind of feel like strangers that hang out in their rooms and sell you things sometimes, a person who is pretty much a stranger to them. Why not have bonds that build over time? Like either through talking with them. Maybe letting you...
  19. Dakota Spine

    Buff Shortswords

    Hey guys, Dakota here. So, short-swords. I don't know if there are a few people who don't do this, but usually one of the first things I do when I start a new character and a new world is create a broadsword. Not only are broadswords stronger than short-swords, but they cover a way bigger area...
  20. Dakota Spine

    Will-O-Wisp -Sprites-

    Hey guys, Dakota here. I have a little idea for something called a Will-O-Wisp. Not much else to say other than that! Let's get started! The Will-O-Wisp would be an item that floats around you and provides light in a fair area. It would be four blue flames that float around in a circle behind...
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