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  1. man of flames

    Console ADDI2015115 myth

    this is appearing to much so just as a thing this is not a date for 1.2.3/4 this is more or less a build version, P.S people will hate me for saying this but the mod's (moderators) might agree with me.
  2. man of flames

    Xbox 360 random game crashing bug

    all I know is I was clearing out a large area in the hollow/mushroom biome spawning mushroom and hollow enemy`s when I finished doing what I was doing the game all of a sudden crashed on me one thing is I had a water candle in effect and a lot of blocks were removed. update 1:my little bro was...
  3. man of flames

    Xbox 360 RoD,sniper rifle and moon stone

    rule:need thees items and as promised 5 platinum per item so 20 P for RoD and 5 P for the sniper rifle and 5 P for the moon stone only one person per item and need to have item when you step up to buy it GT:OpenPlains212 and conversation me if you have the item RoD seller: sniper rifle seller...
  4. man of flames

    Console teleporter being a pain in my ***

    no need to help i was being a :redmunch: idiot aud puting preshure plates on the center but... anyone have a way tomake improvments?
  5. man of flames

    Xbox 360 Graphic error and prolonged gameplay crash with boss drop

    the first bug was reported but it it no longer just liquid honey showing its multipul solid forms and the next that I have seen sufferd was lava next up was in the title prolonged gameplay then at some randome point in my long gameplay when useing the golem fist strait down after long gameplay...
  6. man of flames

    Xbox 360 plantara help

    Haveing trobles defeating plantara.I have chlorofite armor with warrior helm,true night's edge,mega shark,obsidian shield,frost spark boots,large arena and leaf wings. Help? this seemes like this shoud of ben obvious from the start I am not in post plantara and no orcam reqird drops for...
  7. man of flames

    re post:artroids

    I will make this short and sweet asroid in "stratisfer" with otherworldly metal for a wepon and is a biome its self with hostile mobs with high damage and defnce to make the ore worth it. new idea:use the ore to lunerise artifacts and make the artifacts stronger and make a lunar boss summon.and...
  8. man of flames

    PC terraria overworld

    would it be cool to fid a large "orbiting " astroid inthe sky near the tipppy top of the sky? and maby a uniqe and deadly new biome on it with ore for a wepon.
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