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  1. Deadonarrival

    Cross-Platform The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

    i created this thread after seeing that amazingly there wasn't another for the game. I bought it recently and have gotten pretty far into it. Anyone that needs help with the game or just wants to discuss it, feel free. I have found the game to be awesome. It's scope and depth is unmatched. There...
  2. Deadonarrival

    Cross-Platform Dead Space 2

    Dead Space 2 was by far my favorite in the series. And most likely, the best atmospheric horror game of all time. The story or forgiveness and redemption just draws me in. The combat is visceral and intense. While it doesn't look like we will be seeing Issac Clarke anytime soon, I hope one say...
  3. Deadonarrival

    PC Elder Scrolls - Skyrim

    I created this thread to discuss everything about Skyrim. I recently bought it for my PC and have been modding it like mad. If you want to discuss a favorite quest or mod then feel free. I personally like the Duel Extended Combat mod. As for quests, the final thieves guild quest is one of my...
  4. Deadonarrival

    PS4 Mining gold chest full of items drops additional chests.

    i found this one on an underground house, adjacent to a mushroom biome. The chest only had a spike shoe accessory in it. I was mining the wood next to it and when my cursor jumped to the chest, tons of chest started to drop from it.
  5. Deadonarrival

    Console Just Cause 3 (Speculation, Hopes, Dreams and Current Info.)

    I made this thread because I enjoy the second one so much. Always have been a fan, since the first. I will keep this thread updated with gameplay footage (when available) and current development news. What mechanics are you hoping to see? What advancements should made? Feel free to wildly...
  6. Deadonarrival

    Cross-Platform Dying Light

    I love this game and didn't see a thread for it already. I think it's head and shoulders better than the last Dead Island. What do you guys think about it?
  7. Deadonarrival

    PS4 Suggestions for inventory and GUI

    The GUI definitely needs to be revamped. While the one in use now is functional, it is a bit of a chore to craft and especially move specific items from chests. Lacking the extra space keeps you from using the 'loot all' button too many times. Sometimes, especially in the dungeon, you need to be...
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