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  1. Buggsoup

    tModLoader Tremor Remastered [discontinued]

    I had this bug where each time I started the mod I'd cry because R.I.P. Tremor ;-;-;-;-;-;-; Anyways, it had a good run, and I'm SUPER DUPER excited to see the next mod!
  2. Buggsoup

    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

    *When your favorite mod is outdated literally less than a week after it comes out* ;(
  3. Buggsoup

    Holy Crap. Mind blown. *BOOSH*

    Holy Crap. Mind blown. *BOOSH*
  4. Buggsoup

    Modded expert queen bee help?

    Oh. I just now realized spectre boots aren't made from spectre bars... *Facepalm*
  5. Buggsoup

    Leinfors Has Art? Who knew!

    What if all of the NPCS here were replaced with these images.. Think of all the memes.. GET ON IT, RED! Jk but seriously pretty cool art! :D
  6. Buggsoup

    Crimson spawning in my Corruption world?

    Terraria: Invasion of the Crimson Coming soon to a computer near you... *Random scream noise*
  7. Buggsoup

    So, how is everyone today?

    So, how is everyone today?
  8. Buggsoup

    What was your first experience with a Nymph?

    I saw it and thought it seemed a bit odd. I had only heard about the Nymph at this point, so I was comparing the two for a bit. After a few minutes I decided they must be unrelated and was torn to peices. R.I.P. First Hardcore Character
  9. Buggsoup

    PC Hours played?

    996 hours.
  10. Buggsoup

    Save the Jungle! V2

    If this wasn't already suggested, maybe just make Mud Hallow-able. Then be able to buy a Jungle Solution from the Steampunk. That seems like the easiest solution.
  11. Buggsoup

    I put this in a thread post, but I thought I'd put it here too. I'll do anything you want on...

    I put this in a thread post, but I thought I'd put it here too. I'll do anything you want on your Terraria worlds for free! Just PM me!
  12. Buggsoup

    PC Free Labour cuz I'm lonely

    I'm lonely and bored so I'll do whatever you want (Mine, fight, gather resources, I honestly don't care what) for absolutely free!* :D I may not always be on/willing to do it, so ask me if you want me to! I don't feel like finding my IP so we'll just join through Steam friends. You can remove...
  13. Buggsoup

    PC Mod ideas take a look :)

    Though this should probably be just a suggestion to devs instead of a Mod Suggestion.
  14. Buggsoup

    tModLoader Magic Storage

    Older, outdated mods.
  15. Buggsoup

    PC Mod ideas take a look :)

    In that case, this is a good idea! Support from me!
  16. Buggsoup

    PC Mod ideas take a look :)

    How would it work though? Each safe is a seperate chest. They aren't all interlocked (I could be wrong, I haven't used them in a while)
  17. Buggsoup

    PC Low FPS Issue

    If you haven't, I'd reccomend pressing F9 until you get the less detailed shadows, if you don't mind the look. Changing to the second mode of it also allows for colored, much brighter lights.
  18. Buggsoup

    tModLoader tModLoader Multiplayer..

    Would somebody with tModLoader with no mods on be able to connect to a computer without tModLoader?
  19. Buggsoup

    Oh, I see.

    Oh, I see.
  20. Buggsoup

    How does one Private Message? I'm.. Fairly new to the Forums.

    How does one Private Message? I'm.. Fairly new to the Forums.
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