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  1. SillyMind69

    PC Madness

    Hello! I want to make it clear that this is an end game event. It isn't named "Madness" and if it is added in the game it will not have any name, just hints to the true nature of the event. To summon this event you need to use Suspicious Looking Tentacle . This is an Expert Mode exclusive event...
  2. SillyMind69

    PC Limiter (some kind of gun)

    Ok, first I have to tell you the story of how I get the idea for this item. Last night I had dream with Terraria 1.3 and how I was playing it with my friend. I started going right until at some point when I fell in a hole. I was some kind of underground cabin but made out of Palm Wood with a...
  3. SillyMind69

    PC Backpacks!

    Since everybody already uses the Safe and the Piggy Bank to carry his stuff around...why won't we make backpacks?! They will function the same and there will be 2 types of it. The first type would be crafted with Silk and a Piggy Bank and it will at the same size 1.1 chests. Simply called Small...
  4. SillyMind69

    Humorous Jokes that only old TO folk will understand.

    No, because Kane.
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