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  1. FireChaos

    PC Right Clicking with the Drill Containment Unit breaks walls.

    So, you mined a 1kmx1km square Underground? Well, now you have to break the walls, with your cursor! So, build platforms, grab your rather slow Hammer and start breaking. So, this is a small suggestion so the D.C.U breaks walls if you right click. Can this happen please? Let me remind you that...
  2. FireChaos

    PC Progress Bar for Celestial Events

    What if the Celestial events had a banner like the Invasions, showing how much % left before destroying the pillar shield? I'll make a screenshot and modify it when I discover how to take a screenshot of the UI ingame. puush, Print Screen so far don't work.
  3. FireChaos

    PC Nebula or Spectre?

    What do you guys use? Spectre or Nebula? I'm using Nebula because the boosters are really helpful when they stack.
  4. FireChaos

    Serious Steam and Windows think a process is running - but it's not

    Hello, I have installed the Don't Starve Together: Dediacted server tool. from Tools Library. I forced closed it because it takes too much RAM from my PC, and now Steam and Windows, think I have it open. The process takes 100KB in my disk space, but I think it does take more, since the total RAM...
  5. FireChaos

    Lihzahrd platforms.

    Lihzahrd platforms. One thing that is missing and is annoying to me. It is missing from the whole game, so it needs to be added, what do you think?
  6. FireChaos

    PC WTB Rod of Discord; Paying 5-6 platinum

    more items if necessary. Can provide a server.
  7. FireChaos

    PC Does the Guide even help anymore after Hardmode?

    Does he even give you hints on what to do next? Like Plantera, or the Mech Bosses, the Hardmode NPCs, Chlorophyte etc? I checked and he only tells you about the Altars and Wizard.
  8. FireChaos

    PC I want to make a house for each NPC, I need ideas!

    I want to make a house for Each NPC, and the style depends on their job. So Far I have made Guide's with Red Bricks, Nurse's with Gray, (including a huge cross at the roof), Merchant'swith Wood and a hidden room with Gold and Bars, Dryad's with Living Wood, and lastly Steampunker's with Cogs and...
  9. FireChaos

    PC Do you create multiple worlds to get loot?

    Do you? I actually do it to get cross Crimson and Corruption stuff. (most likely seeds) What about you?
  10. FireChaos

    Sclerepugnant - Crimson themed Spazmatism for Crimson Worlds!

    NOTICE: Before I start, I have searched and haven't found another thread like this, so if you do please inform me, thank you. There was an old thread about this long ago; I asked one of the moderators (Loki ISP) to delete it so I can remake it again. The reasoning behind this action was the...
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