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  1. zenmai

    a Happy new year

    Wish you a good year Also ..... Congratulations on Top sellers & most simultaneous players:passionate:
  2. zenmai

    A certain hero's house

  3. zenmai


    Let's be careful about the accident:confused:
  4. zenmai

    PC Jungle house

    The lower right room is a food storehouse Space next to the left is a kitchen (work bench is going to be a chopping board)
  5. zenmai

    PC Small Observatory

    He is reserach the moon and his moon lord
  6. zenmai

    PC Pirate's Hideout

    It is like a pirate's house The ship has not been destroyed by the PC:confused:
  7. zenmai

    PC Striped pattern House

    a Happy new year!:passionate: You want to enjoy the terraria also this year!
  8. zenmai

    Beer mug

    I can’t drink much
  9. zenmai

    Fishing villa

    The floor opens with the left end switch
  10. zenmai

    Resolved Settings Help

    help:confused: When a picked up the items it is to be placed from the lower right I want to go back to be placed from the upper left
  11. zenmai

    Desert house

    Oasis wanted to make from the previous
  12. zenmai

    PC House (but not uninhabitable)

    It is the appearance of the house:cool:
  13. zenmai

    Do pickaxe will use which one eventually?

    I'm using the Picksaw
  14. zenmai

    PC Snowy field house

    I want to place the food to table:cool:
  15. zenmai

    PC escalator

    I wanted to make a look at the conveyor
  16. zenmai

    Gun manufacturing plant

    Wall of cog want .....
  17. zenmai

    this is dryad of the house

    Dryad is the impression you are living in a tree
  18. zenmai

    PC this is guide of the house

    little dark......:cool:
  19. zenmai

    food of terria

    the terraria there is variety food You want to eat any ? I'd like to eat Pad Thai or Bacon Especially Bacon Pigron will care what the taste of the:naughty:
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