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  1. smeagolheart

    After getting torch god's favor you should be able to place biome torches AND....

    pick up biome torches as regular torches. That way your inventory isn't clogged with 50 different types of torches which kind of seems to be the point of the torch god's favor item to begin with. If that isn't the point that's what it should be :)
  2. smeagolheart

    Musket Pouch and Endless Quiver should be able to be viewed in the vanity slots

    Not that there are a lot of restrictions for what can and can't be worn in a vanity slot, this proposal might make sense. It would be pleasing visually, if you are not using a musket pouch or a quiver that you could wear it on your belt or throw it on your back. Since you are not required...
  3. smeagolheart

    Texture Mod Request: Recolored Hell (Underworld)

    The new 1.4 Underworld backgrounds are pretty rough on the eyes. Can someone make a small re-tint or something of it? I believe we're talking the images in the content/images/backgrounds folder. It's like 8 files and only around 2 or 3 are actually the lava. I'd do it myself but I'm...
  4. smeagolheart

    Gravedigger's Shovel Should Be able to dig through leaves

    I'd consider this a bug though it could I guess be a feature request. According to the Gravedigger's Shovel tooltip this tool should "Only digs up soft tiles ", what is softer than leaves? I noticed this digging underground in the jungle and being unable to dig through leaves of an...
  5. smeagolheart

    Need help, my early game strategy has been nerfed

    So Reaver Shark was nerfed (no access to Hellstone) and meteors won't drop until the Eater or the Brain has been beaten. The means no decent armor until after those bosses are beaten. However, beating those bosses is difficult on Master or Expert without decent armour. What do you guys...
  6. smeagolheart

    No Fart Sound Mod

    I couldn't find that this had been posted before and was not digging the the fart sound so... Here's a replacement for the fart sound from the whoopie cushion/fart in a jar/fart in a balloon/green balloon/green horseshoe balloon. It replaces the fart sound with the double jump sound. Just...
  7. smeagolheart

    Can't place torches while mounted in the Drill Containment unit.

    I want to place torches in the big holes I dug in the ground, please allow it. My toon holds out the torch but never places them.
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